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Professor Colin Farquharson
Colin Farquharson, BSc, PhD
Professor of Skeletal Biology,
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Science
University of Edinburgh-Roslin Institute
Professor Martin Haluzík
Martin Haluzík, MD, DSc
Professor of Internal Medicine,
Charles University, Prague;
Head of Diabetes Centre and
Head of the Laboratory of Translational and
Experimental Diabetology and Obesitology,
Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine,
Czech Republic
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Journal of Endocrinology vol 242 issue 1 cover

Journal of Endocrinology vol 234 issue 1 cover

Journal of Endocrinology vol 226 issue 2 cover

30th Anniversary of Developmental Endocrinology of Health and Disease
July 2019
Guest editors:
Sean Limesand, Kent Thornburg and Jane Harding

30 Years of the mineralocorticoid receptor
July 2017
Guest editors:
Ronald M Evans, John W Funder and Maria-Christina Zennaro

60 Years of Neuroendocrinology
August 2015
Guest editors:
Ashley Grossman, Clive W Coen and Seymour Reichlin

Journal of Endocrinology vol 223 issue 1 cover

Journal of Endocrinology vol 221 issue 1 cover

Journal of Endocrinology vol 220 issue 2 cover

20 Years of Leptin
October 2014
Guest editor:
Steve O’Rahilly

Thematic reviews on Incretin
April 2014
Guest editor:
Martin Haluzik

Thematic reviews on Energy, Insulin and Metabolic syndrome
February 2014
Guest editor:
Shaodong Guo


Journal of Endocrinology themed collection on insulin resistance and diabetes type 2


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Endocrine aspects of ACE2 regulation: RAAS, steroid hormones and SARS-CoV-2

Authors: Morag J Young, Colin D Clyne, and Karen E Chapman
Volume 247: Issue 2, Pages: R45–R62


Mechanisms controlling hormone secretion in human gut and its relevance to metabolism

Authors: Alyce M Martin, Emily W Sun, and Damien J Keating
Volume 244: Issue 1, Pages: R1–R15


Androgen signaling pathways driving reproductive and metabolic phenotypes in a PCOS mouse model

Authors: Ali Aflatounian, Melissa C Edwards, Valentina Rodriguez Paris, Michael J Bertoldo, Reena Desai, Robert B Gilchrist, William L Ledger, David J Handelsman, and Kirsty A Walters
Volume 245: Issue 3, Pages: 381–395


ChREBP-β regulates thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue

Authors: Chunchun Wei, Xianhua Ma, Kai Su, Shasha Qi, Yuangang Zhu, Junjian Lin, Chenxin Wang, Rui Yang, Xiaowei Chen, Weizhong Wang, and Weiping J Zhang
Volume 245: Issue 3, Pages: 343–356


Serotonergic regulation of energy metabolism in peripheral tissues

Authors: Wonsuk Choi, Joon Ho Moon, and Hail Kim
Volume 245: Issue 1, Pages: R1–R10


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Epigenetic responses and the developmental origins of health and disease

Authors: Dipali Goyal, Sean W Limesand, and Ravi Goyal
Volume 242: Issue 1, Pages: T105–T119


Adipose tissue browning in mice and humans

Authors: Carsten T Herz and Florian W Kiefer
Volume 241: Issue 3, Pages: R97–R109


New insights into the secretory functions of brown adipose tissue

Authors: Joan Villarroya, Rubén Cereijo, Aleix Gavaldà-Navarro, Marion Peyrou, 2 , Marta Giralt, and Francesc Villarroya
Volume 243: Issue 2, Pages: R19–R27


Inhibitors of apoptosis protect the ovarian reserve from cyclophosphamide

Authors: Yi Luan, Maxwell E Edmonds, Teresa K Woodruff, and So-Youn Kim
Volume 240: Issue 2, Pages: 243–256


The melanocortin pathway and control of appetite-progress and therapeutic implications

Authors: Giulia Baldini and Kevin D Phelan
Volume 241: Issue 1, Pages: R1–R33