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Professor Martin Haluzík
Martin Haluzík, MD, PhD
Professor of Internal Medicine,
Charles University, Prague;
Head of Diabetes Centre and
Head of the Laboratory of Translational and
Experimental Diabetology and Obesitology,
Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine,
Prague, Czech Republic
Professor Ruth Andrew
Ruth Andrew, PhD
Chair in Pharmaceutical Endocrinology, and
Director, Clinical Research Facility Mass Spectrometry Core,
University of Edinburgh,
Edinburgh, UK
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Journal of Endocrinology vol 242 issue 1 cover

Journal of Endocrinology vol 234 issue 1 cover

Journal of Endocrinology vol 226 issue 2 cover

30th Anniversary of Developmental Endocrinology of Health and Disease
July 2019
Guest editors:
Sean Limesand, Kent Thornburg and Jane Harding

30 Years of the mineralocorticoid receptor
July 2017
Guest editors:
Ronald M Evans, John W Funder and Maria-Christina Zennaro

60 Years of Neuroendocrinology
August 2015
Guest editors:
Ashley Grossman, Clive W Coen and Seymour Reichlin

Journal of Endocrinology vol 223 issue 1 cover

Journal of Endocrinology vol 221 issue 1 cover

Journal of Endocrinology vol 220 issue 2 cover

20 Years of Leptin
October 2014
Guest editor:
Steve O’Rahilly

Thematic reviews on Incretin
April 2014
Guest editor:
Martin Haluzik

Thematic reviews on Energy, Insulin and Metabolic syndrome
February 2014
Guest editor:
Shaodong Guo



Jounral of Endocrinology Exploring Osteoporosis and Sarcopenia Special Collection


Journal of Endocrinology Anniversary collection 30 years of StAR protein

Read the top cited review articles of 2023 (published 2021–2023)


The links between sleep duration, obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus

Authors: Christina Antza, Georgios Kostopoulos, Samiul Mostafa, Krishnarajah Nirantharakumar, and Abd Tahrani
Volume 252: Issue 2, Pages: 125–141


Gut microbiome, endocrine control of gut barrier function and metabolic diseases

Authors: Marion Régnier, Matthias Van Hul, Claude Knauf, and Patrice D Cani
Volume 248: Issue 2, Pages: R67–R82


Metformin as an anti-inflammatory agent a short review

Authors: Robin Kristófi and Jan W Eriksson
Volume 251: Issue 2, Pages: R11–R22


100 YEARS OF INSULIN: Pancreas pathology in type 1 diabetes: an evolving story

Authors: Sarah J Richardson and Alberto Pugliese
Volume 252: Issue 2, Pages: R41–R57


Micronutrients impact the gut microbiota and blood glucose

Authors: Nicole G Barra, Fernando F Anhê, Joseph F Cavallari, Anita M Singh, Darryl Y Chan, and Jonathan D Schertzer
Volume 250: Issue 2, Pages: R1–R21


Read the top cited research articles of 2023 (published 2021–2023)


Novel adipokine asprosin modulates browning and adipogenesis in white adipose tissue

Authors: Yanli Miao, Haojie Qin, Yi Zhong, Kai Huang, and Caijun Rao
Volume 249: Issue 2, Pages: 83–93


Early or delayed time-restricted feeding prevents metabolic impact of obesity in ice

Authors: Prashant Regmi, Rajesh Chaudhary, Amanda J Page, Amy T Hutchison, Andrew D Vincent, Bo Liu, and Leonie Heilbronn
Volume 248: Issue 1, Pages: 75–86


Combined use of GABA and sitagliptin promotes human β-cell proliferation and reduces apoptosis

Authors: Wenjuan Liu, Harry Kevin Lau, Dong Ok Son, Tianru Jin, Yehong Yang, Zhaoyun Zhang, Yiming Li, Gerald J Prud’homme, and Qinghua Wang
Volume 248: Issue 2, Pages: 133–143


GH directly inhibits steatosis and liver injury in a sex-dependent and IGF1-independent manner

Authors: Andre Sarmento-Cabral, Mercedes del Rio-Moreno, Mari C Vazquez-Borrego, Mariyah Mahmood, Elena Gutierrez-Casado, Natalie Pelke, Grace Guzman, Papasani V Subbaiah, Jose Cordoba-Chacon, Shoshana Yakar, and Rhonda D Kinema
Volume 248: Issue 1, Pages: 31–44


Rat BAT xenotransplantation recovers the fertility and metabolic health of PCOS mice

Authors: Lei Du, Yang Wang, Cong-Rong Li, Liang-Jian Chen, Jin-Yang Cai, Zheng-Rong Xia, Wen-Tao Zeng, Zi-Bin Wang, Xi-Chen Chen, Fan Hu, Dong Zhang, Xiao-Wei Xing, and Zhi-Xia Yang
Volume 248: Issue 2, Pages: 249–264