Oxytocin and sexual behaviour in the male rat and rabbit

in Journal of Endocrinology
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In male New Zealand white rabbits, it was shown that oxytocin but not vasopressin concentrations in plasma were markedly raised after ejaculation. In male Wistar rats, oxytocin infused into the internal carotid artery reduced the number of intromissions made before ejaculation but had no other significant effect. Infusion of oxytocin into the third ventricle increased the latencies to the first mount and intromission and lengthened post-ejaculatory refractory periods. It is suggested that oxytocin released into the periphery during coitus, while not essentially involved in ejaculation, may exert effects on the genital periphery. Behavioural effects of centrally administered oxytocin suggest that it may play a role in the neural mechanisms underlying post-ejaculatory refractoriness.

J. Endocr. (1985) 107, 97–106


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