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In collaboration with the Endocrine Society of Australia, and led by Guest Editors Professor Bu Yeap and Professor Tim Cole, Journal of Endocrinology (JOE) has invited this collection of articles from some of the region’s leading Endocrine researchers.


Collection Guest Editors:


photo of Timothy Cole

Professor Timothy Cole, Guest Editor
Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Monash University
Melbourne, Australia

photo of Bu Yeap

Professor Bu Yeap, Guest Editor
Professor, Medical School, University of Western Australia
Endocrinologist, Fiona Stanley Hospital
Perth, Australia


“This special collection of articles demonstrates the breadth of Endocrinology research in Australia and are testament to ongoing discovery research, clinical translation and patient studies directed towards a better understanding of the basis and cause of endocrine disease, including new clinical treatments for endocrine disorders, particularly those with unmet needs. The collection contains papers on timely topics such as a better understanding of the aetiology of endocrine cancers (pituitary, prostate and breast), adrenal driven disease (primary aldosteronism) and the impact of reproductive hormones on endocrine dysfunction (diabetes and reproductive disorders).”
Professor Tim Cole, Guest Editor


“Endocrinology is a rapidly advancing field. In this special collection, we have invited accomplished colleagues from the Endocrine Society of Australia, to share their knowledge and insights. One focus has been how mechanistic studies influence clinical research, which in turn highlights areas where basic science makes key contributions. We hope these articles spanning mineralocorticoid receptor, activins and inhibins, ACE2, androgens, prostate cancer, pituitary tumours, growth hormone, PCOS, diabetes prevention, and diabetic foot ulcers, reflects a diversity of interests and approaches, all aimed at translating research into better outcomes for people with endocrine disorders.”
Professor Bu Yeap, Guest Editor


Journal of Endocrinology is an official journal of the Endocrine Society of Australia (ESA). Founded in 1958, ESA is a national non-profit organisation of scientists and clinicians whose purpose is to educate about, engage in and promote clinical practice and research in endocrinology in the region and world-wide. Its primary activities include education, research and fostering communication between clinicians, scientists, the public and policy makers.

Journal of Endocrinology also welcomes submissions of original research for inclusion in this collection. Please submit by 30th June 2023 stating in your cover letter that you wish for your article to be considered for the ESA collection. Alternatively please email the editorial office joe@bioscientifica.com for further information.


Published Articles:


Testosterone and type 2 diabetes prevention: translational lessons from the T4DM study
Gary A Wittert, Mathis Grossmann, Bu B Yeap, and David J Handelsman

The alternate pathway of androgen metabolism and window of sensitivity
Marilyn B Renfree and Geoff Shaw

The physiology of growth hormone (GH) in adults: translational journey to GH replacement therapy
Ken KY Ho, Anthony J O’Sullivan and Morton G Burt

Advances in preclinical models of prostate cancer for research discovery
Renea A Taylor, Mitchell G Lawrence, and Gail P Risbridger

Pituitary tumours: molecular and genetic aspects
Sunita M C De Sousa, Nèle F Lenders, Lydia S Lamb, Warrick J Inder, and Ann McCormack

Diabetes-related foot disease: new insights with an antipodean focus
Emma J Hamilton and Stephen M Twigg

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): international collaboration to translate evidence and guide future research
Chau Thien Tay, Rhonda Garrad, Aya Mousa, Mahnaz Bahri, Anju Joham, and Helena Teede

Targeting activins and inhibins to treat reproductive disorders and cancer cachexia
Adam Hagg, Eliza O'Shea, Craig A Harrison, and Kelly Louise Walton

Mineralocorticoid receptor signalling in primary aldosteronism
Jun Yang, Morag J Young, Timothy J Cole, and Peter J Fuller

Impact of ACE2 on the susceptibility and vulnerability to COVID-19
Kirsty G Pringle and Lisa K Philp