Gut Microbiome Special Collection


The joint Editorial Board of Journal of Endocrinology and Journal of Molecular Endocrinology has commissioned a special collection of reviews in the field of the gut microbiome, which is becoming increasingly important and relevant to the field of endocrinology.

This special collection represents a broad overview of the current literature linking the two fields of gut microbiome and endocrinology.


Comments from the lead Editor: Jonathan Schertzer – McMaster University, Canada


"The host–microbe relationship influences endocrine control of growth and metabolism. These reviews highlight the connections between the microbiota, hormones, endocannabinoids, and nutrients in metabolic health and disease. Experts review how microbiota nutrient processing relays endocrine responses involved in the metabolism obesity versus stunting."

Explore the current articles today and share them with your colleagues, to further your understanding of this quickly expanding field of endocrinology.


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The intestine and the microbiota in maternal glucose homeostasis during pregnancy
Erica Yeo, Patricia L Brubaker, and Deborah M Sloboda

Gut microbiome, endocrine control of gut barrier function and metabolic
Marion Régnier, Matthias Van Hul, Claude Knauf, and Patrice D Cani

The gut microbiome, endocannabinoids and metabolic disorders
Fabio Arturo Iannotti and Vincenzo Di Marzo

Modulation of the gut microbiota-adipose tissue-muscle interactions by prebiotics
Julie Rodriguez and Nathalie M Delzenne

Micronutrients impact the gut microbiota and blood glucose
Nicole G Barra, Fernando F Anhê, Joseph F Cavallari, Anita M Singh, Darryl Y Chan, and Jonathan D Schertzer


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Microbial and nutritional influence on endocrine control of growth
Filipe De Vadder, Amélie Joly, and François Leulier