Best of 2020


To showcase the high impact research published in the Journal of Endocrinology, we have collated the most highly cited and downloaded reviews and research of the last year.

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Top 10 articles most cited in 2020, published in 2019


Epigenetic responses and the developmental origins of health and disease
Dipali Goyal, Sean W Limesand, and Ravi Goyal

Adipose tissue browning in mice and humans
Carsten T Herz and Florian W Kiefer

New insights into the secretory functions of brown adipose tissue
Joan Villarroya et al.

Inhibitors of apoptosis protect the ovarian reserve from cyclophosphamide
Yi Luan et al.

The melanocortin pathway and control of appetite-progress and therapeutic implications
Giulia Baldini and Kevin D Phelan

Leptin resensitisation: a reversion of leptin-resistant states
María F Andreoli et al.

Short-term strength training reduces gluconeogenesis and NAFLD in obese mice
Rodrigo Martins Pereira et al.

CoQ10 ameliorates mitochondrial dysfunction in diabetic nephropathy through mitophagy
Jia Sun et al.

Androgens and ovarian function: translation from basic discovery research to clinical impact
K A Walters et al.

Nutritional adversity, sex and reproduction: 30 years of DOHaD and what have we learned?
Patrycja A Jazwiec and Deborah M Sloboda



Top 10 most most downloaded articles published in 2020


Endocrine aspects of ACE2 regulation: RAAS, steroid hormones and SARS-CoV-2
Morag J Young, Colin D Clyne, and Karen E Chapman

Mechanisms controlling hormone secretion in human gut and its relevance to metabolism
Alyce M Martin, Emily W Sun, and Damien J Keating

Androgen signaling pathways driving reproductive and metabolic phenotypes in a PCOS mouse model
Ali Aflatounian et al.

ChREBP-β regulates thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue
Chunchun Wei et al.

Serotonergic regulation of energy metabolism in peripheral tissues
Wonsuk Choi, Joon Ho Moon, and Hail Kim

Voluntary exercise is motivated by ghrelin, possibly related to the central reward circuit
Hiroharu Mifune et al.

Combination gut hormones: prospects and questions for the future of obesity and diabetes therapy
Bernard Khoo and Tricia Mei-Mei Tan

PKA functions in metabolism and resistance to obesity: lessons from mouse and human studies
Edra London, Michelle Bloyd, and Constantine A Stratakis

Fixing the broken clock in adrenal disorders: focus on glucocorticoids and chronotherapy
Marianna Minnetti et al.

Androgens, oestrogens and endometrium: a fine balance between perfection and pathology
Douglas A Gibson et al.


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