100 years of glucagon: Anniversary collection


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The year 2023 marks 100 years since publication of the first report of a hyperglycemic factor in pancreatic extracts which CP Kimball and John R Murlin named glucagon (from GLUCose AGONist).

Glucagon has a range of profound effects on metabolism including, but not limited to its effect stimulate hepatic glucose production. Its dysregulation plays an important role in the pathogenesis of diabetes, leading to the concept that diabetes may be a bihormonal disorder. Still, work to fully understand the production and biological effect of glucagon has proceeded at a slower pace compared to that of insulin. A recent resurgence of interest in the islet alpha cell, the predominant site of glucagon production has been facilitated in part by technological innovations. This work has led to significant developments in this field, from defining how alpha cells develop, how glucagon is secreted from pancreatic alpha cells through to determining its role in glucose homeostasis and the development of diabetes. With the field proposing new applications for this key hormone, glucagon is considered to be a promising target for diabetes therapy.


This collection of reviews, led by Guest Editors James Cantley, Rebecca Hull and Vincent Poitout, is intended to develop additional interest and research on this important hormone.


photo of Editor Dr James Cantley

photo of Editor Dr James Cantley

photo of Editor Professor Vincent Poitout

Dr James Cantley, Senior Editor
School of Medicine,
University of Dundee, UK

Dr Rebecca Hull, Guest Editor
UW Medicine Diabetes Institute,
Seattle, USA

Professor Vincent Poitout, Guest Editor
University of Montreal,


Journal of Endocrinology also welcomes submissions of original research for inclusion in this collection. Please submit stating in your cover letter that you wish for your article to be considered for the glucagon collection. Alternatively please email the editorial office joe@bioscientifica.com for further information.


Published Articles:


A bright future for glucagon and alpha cell biology
Julia K Panzer and Alejandro Caicedo

100 years of glucagon anniversary, special collection – editorial
James Cantley, Vincent Poitout, and Rebecca L Hull-Meichle

Glucagon and Insulin Overview: An Odd Couple's History and Physiology
R Paul Robertson

The human α cell in health and disease
Yasminye D Pettway, Diane C Saunders, and Marcela Brissova

α-cell electrophysiology and the regulation of glucagon secretion
Rui Gao, Samuel Acreman, Jinfang Ma, Fernando Abdulkader, Anna Wendt, and Quan Zhang

Translational aspects of glucagon: current use and future prospects
Jasleen Kaur and Elizabeth R Seaquist

Not the second fiddle: α cell development, identity and function in health and diabetes
Elliott P Brooks and Lori Sussel

Metabolic regulation of glucagon secretion
Sarah L Armour, Jade E Stanley, James Cantley, E Danielle Dean, and Jakob G Knudsen