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Explore a selection of the most-cited articles published in the Journal of Endocrinology in the past two years*.
*Data correct as of 23.09.2020


Mechanisms of beta-cell dedifferentiation in diabetes: recent findings and future research directions
Mohammed Bensellam, Jean-Christophe Jonas, and D Ross Laybutt

Role of thyroid hormone in skeletal muscle physiology
Flavia F Bloise, Aline Cordeiro, and Tania Maria Ortiga-Carvalho

Gut-brain signaling in energy homeostasis: the unexpected role of microbiota-derived succinate
Filipe de Vadder and Gilles Mithieux

Corticosteroids and the brain
Marian Joëls

Chemerin: a multifaceted adipokine involved in metabolic disorders
Gisela Helfer and Qing-Feng Wu

Cell-secreted vesicles containing microRNAs as regulators of gamete maturation
Juliano C da Silveira et al.

Vitamin D, the placenta and early pregnancy: effects on trophoblast function
Ankana Ganguly

The pathogenetic role of β-cell mitochondria in type 2 diabetes
Malin Fex et al.

Genomic landscape of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours: the International Cancer Genome Consortium
Andrea Mafficini and Aldo Scarpa


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