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Journal of Endocrinology and Journal of Molecular Endocrinology are inviting a collection of articles on incretins, led by Guest Editors Associate Professor Erin Mulvihill (University of Ottawa, Canada) and Dr Timo D Müller (Institute for Diabetes and Obesity (IDO), Germany).

This collection will provide researchers with a comprehensive update on the latest developments in the field of Incretins through a series of invited reviews and recent research.

The editors also welcome submissions of original research for inclusion in this collection. Please submit to Journal of Endocrinology or Journal of Molecular Endocrinology stating in your cover letter that you wish for your article to be considered for this themed collection. Alternatively, please email the editorial office for further information.


Collection editors:


Associate Professor Erin Mulvihill
Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology
Faculty of Medicine
University of Ottawa

photo of Erin Mulvihill


Dr Timo D Müller
Acting Director and Head of Division of Molecular Pharmacology
Institute for Diabetes and Obesity (IDO)
Helmholtz Center Munich

photo of Timo D Müller


Published Articles:

Gut hormone multi-agonists for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and obesity: advances and challenges
Xianxian Huang, Jing Liu, Guangquan Peng, Mingyue Lu, Zhongbo Zhou, Neng Jiang, and Zhiming Yan

Does GIPR blockade as well as agonism have a role to play in management of obesity and diabetes?
Ryan A. Lafferty, Peter R Flatt, Victor A Gault, and Nigel Irwin

Liraglutide alleviates experimental diabetic cardiomyopathy in a PDH dependent manner
Jordan Sf Chan, Amanda A Greenwell, Christina T Saed, Magnus J Stenlund, Indiresh A Mangra-Bala, Seyed Amirhossein Tabatabaei Dakhilli, Kunyan Yang, Sally R Ferrari, Farah Eaton, Keshav Gopal, and John R Ussher

The GLP-1R as a model for understanding and exploiting biased agonism in next-generation medicines
Jonathan D Douros, Jacek Mokrosinski, and Brian Finan

The interplay of glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide in adipose tissue
Samrin Kagdi, Sulayman Lyons, and Jacqueline L Beaudry

Glucagon resistance and metabolic-associated steatotic liver disease: a review of the evidence
Emma Rose McGlone, Steve R Bloom, and Tricia Mei-Mei Tan

Lipid regulation of the glucagon receptor family
Affiong Ika Oqua, Yusman Manchanda, Emma Rose McGlone, Ben Jones, Sarah Rouse, and Alejandra Tomas

The emerging role of glucagon-like peptide-1 in binge eating
Katherine N. Balantekin, Martin J. Kretz, and Elizabeth G Mietlicki-Baase

Cellular mechanisms of incretin hormone secretion
Marta Santos-Hernández, Frank Reimann, and Fiona M Gribble