Exploring Osteoporosis and Sarcopenia (Osteosarcopenia)


Exploring Osteoporosis and Sarcopenia special collection


Exploring the intricate interplay between bone and muscle holds pivotal significance in comprehending osteosarcopenia, an emerging concept in metabolic diseases. This special collection provides a vital platform for endocrinologists to share their latest findings on molecular mechanisms, metabolic influences, therapeutic targets, and translational aspects in the dynamic field of osteosarcopenia.

We welcome contributions on the listed topics and related themes:

  • Bone-muscle cross-talk: understanding the molecular mechanisms of bone-muscle cross-talk involving adipokines, myokines, and other signalling molecules
  • Metabolic factors: understanding how nutritional factors, hormonal changes, and metabolic diseases affect the onset of osteosarcopenia
  • Therapeutic targets: proposing molecular targets for novel therapeutic avenues for osteosarcopenia
  • Translational aspects: Insights into novel therapeutic interventions, biomarkers for clinical evaluation, and strategies to enhance translational outcomes.

The Editors welcome submissions of original research for inclusion in this collection. Authors submitting unsolicited reviews should include a review proposal along with their submission as a supplemental file. This should include:

  • A brief explanation of why the topic would be of interest to Journal of Endocrinology readers
  • 2–3 key publications from your research group which highlight expertise within the field.

Contribute to this important field of research by submitting an original research article or review. For more information and to submit your proposal, please email joe@bioscientifica.com.


Dr Naibedya

Dr Naibedya Chattopadhyay, Guest Editor
Central Drug Research Institute (CSIR), 
Lucknow, India


Published articles:


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Bidirectional crosstalk between bone and muscle: the role of RANKL pathway in osteosarcopenia
Soo Yeon Jang and Kyung Mook Choi