Special issues

Journal of Endocrinology publishes regular anniversary issues to mark the most significant historical advances in the field. These contain an editorial from the invited guest editor(s) and a collection of thematic reviews.

These special issues will be collated below as they are published:

  • 30th Anniversary of Developmental Endocrinology of Health and Disease (July 2019). Guest edited by Sean Limesand, Kent Thornburg and Jane Harding.
  • 30 Years of the mineralocorticoid receptor (July 2017). Guest edited by Ronald M Evans, John W Funder and Maria-Christina Zennaro.
  • 60 Years of Neuroendocrinology (August 2015). Guest edited by Ashley Grossman, Clive W Coen and Seymour Reichlin.
  • 20 Years of Leptin (October 2014). Guest edited by Steve O’Rahilly.
  • Thematic reviews on Incretin (April 2014). Guest edited by Martin Haluzik
  • Thematic reviews on Energy, Insulin and Metabolic syndrome (February 2014). Guest edited by Shaodong Guo.
  • Thematic reviews on Adipokines (January 2013). Guest edited by Simon J Dunmore.