Special issues


Journal of Endocrinology publishes regular anniversary issues to mark the most significant historical advances in the field. These contain an editorial from the invited guest editor(s) and a collection of thematic reviews.

These special issues will be collated below as they are published:



JOE_242_1 cover

30th Anniversary of Developmental Endocrinology of Health and Disease (July 2019). Guest edited by Sean Limesand, Kent Thornburg and Jane Harding.



JOE_234_1 cover

30 Years of the mineralocorticoid receptor (July 2017). Guest edited by Ronald M Evans, John W Funder and Maria-Christina Zennaro.



JOE_226_2 cover

60 Years of Neuroendocrinology (August 2015). Guest edited by Ashley Grossman, Clive W Coen and Seymour Reichlin.



JOE_223_1 cover    JOE_221_1 cover    JOE_220_2 cover

20 Years of Leptin (October 2014). Guest edited by Steve O’Rahilly.

Thematic reviews on Incretin (April 2014). Guest edited by Martin Haluzik

Thematic reviews on Energy, Insulin and Metabolic syndrome (February 2014). Guest edited by Shaodong Guo.



JOE_216_1 cover

Thematic reviews on Adipokines (January 2013). Guest edited by Simon J Dunmore.