Top-cited articles of 2023


To showcase the outstanding articles published in Journal of Endocrinology, we have collated the top-cited articles of 2023.

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Top-cited reviews


The links between sleep duration, obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus
Christina Antza et al.

Gut microbiome, endocrine control of gut barrier function and metabolic diseases
Marion Régnier et al.

Metformin as an anti-inflammatory agent a short review
Robin Kristófi and Jan W Eriksson

100 YEARS OF INSULIN: Pancreas pathology in type 1 diabetes: an evolving story
Sarah J Richardson and Alberto Pugliese

Micronutrients impact the gut microbiota and blood glucose
Nicole G Barra et al.


Top-cited research


Novel adipokine asprosin modulates browning and adipogenesis in white adipose tissue
Yanli Miao et al.

Early or delayed time-restricted feeding prevents metabolic impact of obesity in ice
Prashant Regmi et al.

Combined use of GABA and sitagliptin promotes human β-cell proliferation and reduces apoptosis
Wenjuan Liu et al.

GH directly inhibits steatosis and liver injury in a sex-dependent and IGF1-independent manner
Andre Sarmento-Cabral et al.

Rat BAT xenotransplantation recovers the fertility and metabolic health of PCOS mice
Lei Du et al.