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Vicki Chen, Gia V Shelp, Jacob L Schwartz, Niklas D J Aardema, Madison L Bunnell, and Clara E Cho

system in feeding behaviors. At 6 weeks post-weaning, male and female offspring received i.p. injections of either mCPP (2.5 mg/kg) or 0.9% saline following a 12-h overnight fast. After the injections, food intake was measured for 1 h. The injections were

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Akiko Mizokami, Satoru Mukai, Jing Gao, Tomoyo Kawakubo-Yasukochi, Takahito Otani, Hiroshi Takeuchi, Eijiro Jimi, and Masato Hirata

. In contrast, it lowered the blood glucose level of WT mice in the fasted state, consistent with previous observations ( Mizokami et al. 2014 ), whereas it increased that in food-deprived GLP-1R KO mice ( Fig. 1D ). To evaluate further the impact of

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K Eerola, S Virtanen, L Vähätalo, L Ailanen, M Cai, V Hruby, M Savontaus, and E Savontaus

al. 2001 , Marks et al. 2006 , Lee et al. 2008 ). On the other hand, Mc3r -KO fails to increase the expression of Npy and Agrp in the ARC during acute fasting conditions and show attenuated refeeding, which indicates that MC3R is important

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Sofianos Andrikopoulos, Christine M Massa, Kathryn Aston-Mourney, Alexandra Funkat, Barbara C Fam, Rebecca L Hull, Steven E Kahn, and Joseph Proietto

Introduction Type 2 diabetes is characterized by fasting hyperglycemia, which is contributed to by reduced glucose-mediated insulin secretion and a reduction in the efficiency of glucose uptake by the insulin sensitive tissues. While

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Wanbao Yang, Hui Yan, Quan Pan, James Zheng Shen, Fenghua Zhou, Chaodong Wu, Yuxiang Sun, and Shaodong Guo

generated from a proglucagon peptide through posttranslational procession ( Baggio et al. 2007 ). Glucagon plays its primary function in the liver to maintain euglycemia during the fasting state, by promoting hepatic glucose output via increasing

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C García-Luna, P Soberanes-Chávez, and P de Gortari

intracerebroventricular injections ( Morley & Levine 1980 , Rohner-Jeanrenaud et al. 1989 , Kow & Pfaff 1991 ). Leptin activates TRH and CRF expression; thus, conditions altering this hormone content, such as obesity or fasting, can affect energy expenditure and food

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Thomas H Claus, Clark Q Pan, Joanne M Buxton, Ling Yang, Jennifer C Reynolds, Nicole Barucci, Michael Burns, Astrid A Ortiz, Steve Roczniak, James N Livingston, Kevin B Clairmont, and James P Whelan

) The IPGTT was performed in male BALB / c mice or male Wistar rats as previously described ( Pan et al. 2006 ). Briefly, mice or rats were either fasted overnight and then given peptide or vehicle by s.c. injection or they were given peptide or

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Zengmin Wang, Gail J Mick, Rongrong Xie, Xudong Wang, Xuemei Xie, Guimei Li, and Kenneth L McCormick

cortisol on ER glucose production has been described. Total hepatic G6P concentrations in a 24 h-fasted rat decline to as low as 0.05–0.1 mM ( Young 1966 , Niewoehner et al . 1984 , Kelmer-Bracht et al . 2003 ), whereas in the 48 h-fasted rat, the

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Ronald J van der Sluis, Miranda Van Eck, and Menno Hoekstra

overnight fasting to induce physiological stress, anesthetized, and killed. Subsequently, the arterial tree was perfused in situ with PBS (with the pressure of 100 mmHg) for 10 min via a cannula in the left ventricular apex, and organs were harvested

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Virginia L Pszczolkowski, Meghan K Connelly, Adam D Beard, Amara D Benn, Jimena Laporta, Laura L Hernandez, and Sebastian I Arriola Apelo

–17. GTT administration and blood sampling Following the afternoon milking on day 2 of each period, feed was removed and cows were fasted overnight until the end of the IVGTT (approximately 16 h). On day 3, two baseline blood samples were collected