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Andrew T Major, Katie L Ayers, Justin Chue, Kelly N Roeszler, and Craig A Smith

Introduction The forkhead box (FOX) family of transcription factors are conserved developmental regulators, playing diverse roles in cell differentiation, apoptosis and tumorigenesis ( Brunet et al. 1999 , Schmidt et al. 2002 , Stahl et

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Zuzana Saidak, Carole Le Henaff, Sofia Azzi, Caroline Marty, and Pierre J Marie

to the inhibition of glycogen synthase kinase 3β and decreased phosphorylation, stabilisation and subsequent translocation of β-catenin into the nucleus. This results in the binding of β-catenin to T-cell-specific transcription factor

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Bethania Mongi-Bragato, Ezequiel Grondona, Liliana del Valle Sosa, Natacha Zlocowski, Ana Clara Venier, Alicia Inés Torres, Alexandra Latini, Rodrigo Bainy Leal, Silvina Gutiérrez, and Ana Lucía De Paul

, NF-κB was found to be up-regulated in human pituitary adenomas ( Chen et al . 2015 ), with its pharmacological inhibition reducing cell viability in the GH3 pituitary cell line ( Vender et al . 2008 ), the role of this key transcription factor in

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L Lundholm, G Bryzgalova, H Gao, N Portwood, S Fält, K D Berndt, A Dicker, D Galuska, J R Zierath, J-Å Gustafsson, S Efendic, K Dahlman-Wright, and A Khan

estrogen receptors (ERs), ERα and ERβ ( Dahlman-Wright et al . 2006 ). ERs belong to the nuclear receptor family of ligand-activated transcription factors, and modulate the expression of target genes by binding either to classic estrogen response

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Jennifer J DuPont and Iris Z Jaffe

suppression of the miR-155 transcription is unclear; however, the promoter has several binding sites for transcription factors, including NF-kB and AP-1 ( Onyeagucha et al. 2013 ), which are known to interact with the MR to regulate gene transcription

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Shin Tsunekawa, Naoki Yamamoto, Katsura Tsukamoto, Yuji Itoh, Yukiko Kaneko, Toshihide Kimura, Yoh Ariyoshi, Yoshitaka Miura, Yutaka Oiso, and Ichiro Niki

-requiring enzyme-1 (IRE-1α), X-box-binding protein-1 (XBP-1), RNA-activated protein kinase-like endoplasmic reticulum kinase (PERK), activating transcription factor-4 (ATF-4), C/EBP-homologous protein (CHOP)) were examined by RT-PCR. The sequences of the specific

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Jane A Mitchell, Mark J Paul-Clark, Graham W Clarke, Shaun K McMaster, and Neil Cartwright

sequences encoding proteins homologous to toll ( Taguchi et al. 1996 , Medzhitov et al. 1997 , Rock et al. 1998 ). In another seminal publication, Medzhitov et al. (1997) showed that activation of a human TLR leads to activation of transcription

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Yun-Ju Chen, Pei-Wen Hsiao, Ming-Ting Lee, J Ian Mason, Ferng-Chun Ke, and Jiuan-Jiuan Hwang

transduction activated in response to growth factors and is thought to contribute to many important cellular functions, including nutrient metabolism, cell growth, apoptosis, and modulating the activity of transcription factors ( Brazil et al. 2004 , Hanada

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Takahiko Kogai, Saima Sajid-Crockett, Lynell S Newmarch, Yan-Yun Liu, and Gregory A Brent

a paired domain-containing transcription factor PAX8, and cAMP-response element-binding proteins, in response to the TSH/cAMP signal ( Taki et al . 2002 ). PI3K inhibition by LY294002 increases the binding of PAX8 to the NUE in PCCL3 rat thyroid

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Sean C Lema, Jon T Dickey, Irvin R Schultz, and Penny Swanson

-binding protein ( bteb ) in the brain. The bteb gene encodes a zinc-fingered transcription factor that binds GC-box domains to regulate TH-mediated gene transcription. Previously, bteb has been shown to be TH regulated in the brain of mice ( Denver et al