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K A Chan, M W Tsoulis, and D M Sloboda

erasure of the methylome in PGCs, some genomic sequences become resistant ( Guibert et al . 2012 ), and oocyte methylation status is known to be a strong factor in the determination of pre-implantation embryo methylation status ( Smallwood et al . 2011

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Hwa-Yong Lee, Tomas J Acosta, Michiyo Tanikawa, Ryosuke Sakumoto, Junichi Komiyama, Yukari Tasaki, Mariusz Piskula, Dariusz J Skarzynski, Masafumi Tetsuka, and Kiyoshi Okuda

abattoir in accordance with protocols approved by the local Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Apparently, healthy uteri without a visible conceptus were obtained within 10–20 min after exsanguination and immediately transported to the laboratory

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Harleen Kaur, Beverly S Muhlhausler, Claire T Roberts, and Kathryn L Gatford

and protein intake are also important regulating factors, and fasting decreases serum IGF1 concentrations (reviewed by Thissen et al. 1994 ). IGF1 mediates most GH effects on skeletal metabolism, including stimulation of amino acid transport and

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Ian S McLennan and Michael W Pankhurst

duct) in male embryos ( MacLaughlin & Donahoe 2004 , Josso et al . 2005 ). When AMH is absent, the Müllerian duct is retained, but XY AMH −/− individuals are otherwise unambiguously male in appearance. This created the impression that AMH had

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Matthew J VandeKopple, Jinghai Wu, Lisa A Baer, Naresh C Bal, Santosh K Maurya, Anuradha Kalyanasundaram, Muthu Periasamy, Kristin I Stanford, Amato J Giaccia, Nicholas C Denko, and Ioanna Papandreou

-dependent thermogenesis. For example, Sarcolipin, a regulator of the SERCA (sarcoendoplasmic reticulum (SR) calcium transport ATPase) pump has been shown to promote a futile cycle of ATP hydrolysis by uncoupling ATP hydrolysis from Ca 2+ pumping back into the SR

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Hong-Hui Wang, Qian Cui, Teng Zhang, Lei Guo, Ming-Zhe Dong, Yi Hou, Zhen-Bo Wang, Wei Shen, Jun-Yu Ma, and Qing-Yuan Sun

et al . 1968 , Miller & Takahashi 2013 , Häggström 2014 ). As we all know, fat is important for energy storage, organ protection and body temperature maintenance. Adipose tissue can secrete many immune regulators and adipokines that transport to

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Shin Tsunekawa, Naoki Yamamoto, Katsura Tsukamoto, Yuji Itoh, Yukiko Kaneko, Toshihide Kimura, Yoh Ariyoshi, Yoshitaka Miura, Yutaka Oiso, and Ichiro Niki

. 1989 ). Briefly, the rat insulin-II promoter/chicken calmodulin cDNA chimeric gene was microinjected into mouse embryos derived from female FVBM mice, followed by the implantation of the embryos into pseudo-pregnant female FVBM mice. The transgenic mice

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J R V Silva, T Tharasanit, M A M Taverne, G C van der Weijden, R R Santos, J R Figueiredo, and R van den Hurk

undergo maturation, fertilization and embryo development ( O’Brien et al. 2003 ). This growth was brought about in a two-step culture system, in which the first step consisted of whole ovary culture to obtain primordial to primary follicle transition

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Timothy J Cole and Morag J Young

cell lines derived from total GR- or MR-null embryos ( Hoppmann et al . 2010 ). Aldosterone-stimulated in vitro cultured white adipocytes induced expression of pro-inflammatory markers such as IL6 and PAI-1, suggesting that MR-mediated signalling in

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Kathryn L Gatford, Miles J De Blasio, Claire T Roberts, Mark B Nottle, Karen L Kind, William H E J van Wettere, Robert J Smits, and Julie A Owens

pregnancy increased placental nutrient transport capacity during treatment although not placental size, consistent with effects on placental function ( Harding et al . 1997 ). Maternal pGH may also alter placental differentiation, either due to direct