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Hsiu-Chi Lee and Shaw-Jenq Tsai

-inducible factor (HIF)-dependent and HIF-independent pathways. The HIF-independent pathway is mainly mediated by changing protein phosphorylation status (acute) and global transcription/translation efficiency (chronic), whereas the HIF-dependent pathway is

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L Banaei-Bouchareb, M Peuchmaur, P Czernichow, and M Polak

and dendritic cells, were studied by reverse transcription and polymerase chain reaction (RT–PCR). CSF1 (colony-stimulating factor 1) and GM–CSF (granulocyte/macrophage colony-stimulating factor), which are known to be the most important growth factors

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Lei Ye, Xiaoying Li, Xiangyin Kong, Weiqing Wang, Yufang Bi, Landian Hu, Bin Cui, Xi Li, and Guang Ning

defined in the human POMC promoter, domain IV (−376 to −417) had the distinctive property of being active in DMS-79 cells but not in AtT-20 cells ( Picon et al. 1995 ). It was reported that E2 transcription factor binding was required for the activity of

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Y Kamei, Y Aoyama, T Fujimoto, N Kenmotsu, C Kishi, M Koushi, S Sugano, K Morohashi, R Kamiyama, and R Asakai

properties that were lost in the GC lines appears to be extremely difficult. One member of the orphan nuclear receptor subfamily, the adrenal-4 binding protein (Ad4BP), also known as steroidogenic factor-1 or NR5A1, regulates the transcription of

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Marcello Maggiolini and Didier Picard

that GPR30 signaling triggers lead to the induced expression of c-fos in macrophages ( Kanda & Watanabe 2003 a ) and activation of the transcription factor CREB in keratinocytes ( Kanda & Watanabe 2003 b , 2004 ). These in turn activate the

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Hyunju Chung and Seungjoon Park

transcription factor E2F1 is involved in the regulation of cell cycle regulation ( Yoshikawa 2000 ). Additionally, the activity of cyclin–CDK complex can be regulated by the inhibitory interaction with CDK inhibitors (CKIs), such as p21 CIP1 , p27 KIP1 and p57

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Verónica Torres-Estay, Daniela V Carreño, Ignacio F San Francisco, Paula Sotomayor, Alejandro S Godoy, and Gary J Smith

( Wen et al . 2013 ) and that the induction of VEGF was mediated by binding of the transcription factor AR and SP1 to the core promoter region of VEGF ( Eisermann et al . 2013 ). Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), the standard treatment for advanced

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Akiko Mizokami, Satoru Mukai, Jing Gao, Tomoyo Kawakubo-Yasukochi, Takahito Otani, Hiroshi Takeuchi, Eijiro Jimi, and Masato Hirata

.01 (Student’s t test). We previously showed that GluOC activates the transcription factor CREB (cAMP response element–binding protein) and increases the expression of the transcription factor FoxO1 (forkhead box protein O1) in 3T3-L1 adipocytes

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A Alidibbiat, C E Marriott, K T Scougall, S C Campbell, G C Huang, W M Macfarlane, and J A M Shaw

 s at 58 °C, 45 s at 72 °C; 5 min at 72 °C). PCR cycle number was 35 for all primer pairs with the exception of Isl1 (29 cycles) and forkhead box transcription factor a2 (Foxa2; 40 cycles). PCR products were separated and visualised on 1% agarose gels

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Janne Jensen, Elisabeth D Galsgaard, Allan E Karlsen, Ying C Lee, and Jens H Nielsen

hGH and cytokines on the induction of SOCS-3 mRNA expression after extended exposure. Effects of hGH and cytokines on activation of the transcription factors NFκB, STAT1 and STAT5 To determine whether activation of