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Michaela D Wharfe, Peter J Mark, Caitlin S Wyrwoll, Jeremy T Smith, Cassandra Yap, Michael W Clarke, and Brendan J Waddell

, referred to as ‘peripheral clocks’. The circadian rhythm of circulating glucocorticoids (generated via the HPA axis) provides a key coordination link between the central SCN clock and these peripheral clocks ( Hastings et al . 2007 ), and as such plays a

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Sophie M T Wehrens, Shelagh M Hampton, Rebecca E Finn, and Debra J Skene

given are those obtained during the week prior to the study (see Materials and Methods). Prior to the laboratory session In order to maintain or establish regular circadian rhythms (i.e. for the shift workers to be adapted for the laboratory study) and

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Lucia Gajdosechova, Katarina Krskova, Ana Belen Segarra, Andrea Spolcova, Maciej Suski, Rafal Olszanecki, and Stefan Zorad

oxytocin receptors on isolated rat fat cells . European Journal of Biochemistry 56 295 – 303 . ( doi:10.1111/j.1432-1033.1975.tb02233.x ) Bray MS Young ME 2007 Circadian rhythms in the development of obesity: potential role for the circadian

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Atsushi Fukushima, Ping Yin, Maho Ishida, Nobuhiro Sugiyama, and Jun Arita

surge generator requires information regarding the light–darkness environment ( Freeman 1994 ); a circadian rhythm generated in the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus in response to light–darkness cycles entrains the GnRH surge generator to produce the

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Brototi Roy, Rajeev Singh, Sunil Kumar, and Umesh Rai

621 – 626 . Hriscu M 2004 Circadian phagocytic activity of neutrophils and its modulation by light . Journal of Applied Biomedicine 2 199 – 211 . Hriscu M Saulea G Vidrascu N Baciu I 1998 Circadian rhythm of phagocytosis in mice

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Andreas Nygaard Madsen, Gitte Hansen, Sarah Juel Paulsen, Kirsten Lykkegaard, Mads Tang-Christensen, Harald S Hansen, Barry E Levin, Philip Just Larsen, Lotte Bjerre Knudsen, Keld Fosgerau, and Niels Vrang

was measured in duplicate at all time points using a commercially available insulin ELISA assay (Diamyd Diagnostics, Stockholm, Sweden). Circadian rhythm hormone profile Measurements of the circadian rhythms of leptin and insulin were performed in rats

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Elizabeth K Fletcher, Monica Kanki, James Morgan, David W Ray, Lea M Delbridge, Peter J Fuller, Colin D Clyne, and Morag J Young

peripheral tissue to anticipate environmental stimuli ( Takahashi & Zatz 1982 ). The GR and MR are not expressed in the SCN but the GR serves as a zeitgeber of the circadian clock in peripheral tissues ( Kino & Chrousos 2011 a ). Circadian rhythm is driven

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Manuela S Bartlang, Inga D Neumann, David A Slattery, Nicole Uschold-Schmidt, Dominik Kraus, Charlotte Helfrich-Förster, and Stefan O Reber

patterns observed in most depressed patients and the recent licensing of agomelatine, which re-synchronizes disrupted circadian rhythms ( Yous et al . (1992) , for review, see de Bodinat et al . (2010) ). In line with this, it was recently shown in

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Geoffrey Raisman

developing in the neonatal preoptic area showed plasticity with a binary outcome determined by the presence or absence of exposure to sex hormones ( Raisman & Field 1973 ). My publication appeared 2 years after Harris' death. Circadian rhythms: the

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Isao Tamura, Hiroshi Tamura, Mai Kawamoto-Jozaki, Yumiko Doi-Tanaka, Haruka Takagi, Yuichiro Shirafuta, Yumiko Mihara, Ryo Maekawa, Toshiaki Taketani, Shun Sato, and Norihiro Sugino

. 2014 ). Therefore, it is important to control body weight in women throughout life. Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) is a molecule secreted by the pineal gland in a circadian manner. In addition to regulating circadian rhythms, melatonin has a