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Patricia Joseph-Bravo, Lorraine Jaimes-Hoy, Rosa-María Uribe, and Jean-Louis Charli

). TH inhibit TSH secretion even faster than TRH or TSH transcription. This response may be related to the rapid up-regulation of expression and activity of the TRH-degrading enzyme by T 4 in tanycytes. Increased inactivation of TRH released from the ME

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Stephan Pinheiro Frankenfeld, Leonardo Pires de Oliveira, Daniele Leão Ignacio, Raquel Guimarães Coelho, Mariana Nigro Mattos, Andrea Claudia Freitas Ferreira, Denise Pires Carvalho, and Rodrigo Soares Fortunato

the majority of them were focused on insulin levels and/or resistance. Glucose production during fasting is crucial to maintain glycemia within physiological ranges, and is regulated by several hormones, such as glucagon, catecholamines, and

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Lei Huang, Bin Qiu, Lin Yuan, Lili Zheng, Qiang Li, and Shigong Zhu

relationship between ghrelin in the DVC and energy conditions, such as fasting, hyperglycemia, and hypoglycemia. It has been reported that the vagus nerve is an essential pathway that transmits peripheral ghrelin information to the brain stem ( Berthoud

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Beverly A S Reyes, Hiroko Tsukamura, Helen I’Anson, Maria Amelita C Estacio, Kanjun Hirunagi, and Kei-Ichiro Maeda

investigations have shown that 48-h fasting dramatically suppresses pulsatile luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion in female rats, and the suppression is largely dependent on the estrogenic milieu ( Cagampang et al. 1991 , Maeda et al. 1996 ). As such, 48-h

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Zheng Zhao, Ichiro Sakata, Yusuke Okubo, Kanako Koike, Kenji Kangawa, and Takafumi Sakai

fasting and decreased after refeeding in several species ( Tschop et al . 2000 , 2001 b , Asakawa et al . 2001 , Cummings et al . 2001 , Toshinai et al . 2001 ), and further observations suggest that ghrelin has a role in regulation of energy

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Zhongxiuzi Gao, Li Zhang, Wenting Xie, Siqi Wang, Xiaorui Bao, Yuli Guo, Houjian Zhang, Qingzhong Hu, Yi Chen, Zeen Wang, Maoqiang Xue, and Guanghui Jin

studies suggest that menin plays an important role in glucose metabolism. MEN1 patients exhibit higher prevalence of impaired fasting glucose levels and diabetes mellitus (DM) ( Wagner et al . 2005 , McCallum et al . 2006 , van Wijk et al . 2012

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Jose A Viscarra, Cory D Champagne, Daniel E Crocker, and Rudy M Ortiz

results in reductions in the concentrations of insulinotropic hormones and eventually leads to loss of sensitivity to insulin ( Scheen et al . 1988 , Krassas 2003 ). Although prolonged fasting-induced insulin resistance may be detrimental to most mammals

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A Boelen, J Kwakkel, X G Vos, W M Wiersinga, and E Fliers

Introduction During fasting, profound changes occur in the hypothalamic part of the hypothalamic–pituitary–thyroid axis (HPT axis), i.e. increased type 2 deiodinase (D2) activity in the arcuate nucleus (ARC) ( Diano et al. 1998

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Francesca Spiga, Louise R Harrison, Susan A Wood, Cliona P MacSweeney, Fiona J Thomson, Mark Craighead, Morag Grassie, and Stafford L Lightman

the HPA axis ( Dallman et al . 1987 ). Based on the time of onset of glucocorticoid effects on HPA axis activity, negative feedback has been divided into three distinct time domains ( Keller-Wood & Dallman 1984 ): fast feedback, which occurs

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The daily rhythm of plasma tyrosine was studied in obese subjects during total fasting, because of the relative constancy of the metabolic processes in this state. The plasma levels of tyrosine showed circadian fluctuations which were similar, although less pronounced, to those observed by other authors. The lowest values occurred at 03.00 h and the highest at 08.00 h with a second rise at 19.00 h.