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Ana E Lemus, Juana Enríquez, Ángeles Hernández, René Santillán, and Gregorio Pérez-Palacios

) into two A-ring reduced metabolites (3β,5α-NET and 3α,5α-NET), which bind with high affinity to estrogen receptor (ER) in cultured rat osteoblasts, as demonstrated in this study, represents an efficient intracrine system that allows a progesterone

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Min Hu, Yuehui Zhang, Jiaxing Feng, Xue Xu, Jiao Zhang, Wei Zhao, Xiaozhu Guo, Juan Li, Edvin Vestin, Peng Cui, Xin Li, Xiao-ke Wu, Mats Brännström, Linus R Shao, and Håkan Billig

:// ) 10.1210/jc.2010-2600 Shao R Cao S Wang X Feng Y Billig H 2014 a The elusive and controversial roles of estrogen and progesterone receptors in human endometriosis . American Journal of Translational Research 6 104

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Eugenia H Goulding, Sylvia C Hewitt, Noriko Nakamura, Katherine Hamilton, Kenneth S Korach, and Edward M Eddy

the mean± s.e.m. ; (** P <0.01). Serum hormone levels Serum testosterone levels were significantly higher ( P <0.001) in 6-week-old and 10- to 36-week-old male Ex3αERKO mice than in WT mice of the same ages ( Table 2 ), while estrogen, progesterone

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Yanwen Jiang, Lu Chen, Robert N Taylor, Chunjin Li, and Xu Zhou

proliferates under the influence of estrogen. However, after ovulation, luteal progesterone changes the proliferative pattern to a secretory pattern that includes decidualization of endometrial stromal cells, which provides the nutritive and immune

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Pei-Jian He, Masami Hirata, Nobuhiko Yamauchi, and Masa-aki Hattori

circadian clocks. Cell 96 271 –290. Edwards DP 2005 Regulation of signal transduction pathways by estrogen and progesterone. Annual Review of Physiology 67 335 –376. Gray CA , Bartol FF

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Fu-Qing Yu, Chun-Sheng Han, Wei Yang, Xuan Jin, Zhao-Yuan Hu, and Yi-Xun Liu

indicate that the pathways utilized by FSH in estrogen synthesis are not completely the same as those in FSH-induced progesterone production ( Zeleznik et al. 2003 ). In the classical model, FSH binds to its cognate G-protein-coupled receptor and then

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A A Al-Habsi, A Y A AlKindi, I Y Mahmoud, D W Owens, T Khan, and Aisha al-Abri

. Lance V , Owens DW & Callard IP 1979 Radioimmunoassay of plasma progesterone, testosterone, total estrogens and immunoreactive gonadotropins in the nesting and non-nesting green turtle Chelonia mydas (L). Experentia 35 1119

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M A J Hervé, G Meduri, F G Petit, T S Domet, G Lazennec, S Mourah, and M Perrot-Applanat

control of estradiol (E 2 ) and progesterone. Models of endometrial angiogenesis in the proliferative phase describe the growth of vasculature under the influence of estrogen, while the secretory phase involves growth of the coiled arteries mediated by

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Ingrid Segers, Tom Adriaenssens, Sandra Wathlet, and Johan Smitz

. Cyp19a1 , converting androgens into estrogens, was again highly expressed in HP-hMG25. Steroid measurements on day 9 corroborated the gene expression patterns, where the E 2 and progesterone content for rFSH25+low-dose LH bioactivity was higher

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José E Sánchez-Criado, José C Garrido-Gracia, Carmina Bellido, Rafaela Aguilar, Pedro Guelmes, Pedro Abreu, Rafael Alonso, Inmaculada Barranco, Yolanda Millán, and Juana Martín de las Mulas

after ovariectomy (OVX) mimicked the endocrine events of pro-oestros through the augmentation of the LHRH-releasing pathway, progesterone (P 4 ) receptor (PR) expression, and PR-dependent LHRH self-priming ( Bellido et al. 2003 , Sánchez-Criado et