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Adrián Báez-Ruiz, Natalí N Guerrero-Vargas, Fernando Cázarez-Márquez, Elizabeth Sabath, María del Carmen Basualdo, Roberto Salgado-Delgado, Carolina Escobar, and Ruud M Buijs

Martelot et al. 2009 , Polidarová et al. 2016 ). Also, the fed-fasting cycle driven by the SCN acts as entraining signals for cellular processes in the liver, adipose tissue and muscle ( Dibner et al. 2010 , Buijs et al. 2013 ). In agreement

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Lorena González, Johanna G Miquet, Pablo E Irene, M Eugenia Díaz, Soledad P Rossi, Ana I Sotelo, Mónica B Frungieri, Cristal M Hill, Andrzej Bartke, and Daniel Turyn

. 2011 ). Hepatic EGF binding is diminished in hypophysectomized and in partially GH-deficient mutant ‘little’ (lit/lit) mice due to reduced EGFR levels; GH replacement therapy restores EGF binding to liver cells in these animals ( Jansson et al . 1988

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Bel M Galmés-Pascual, Antonia Nadal-Casellas, Marco Bauza-Thorbrügge, Miquel Sbert-Roig, Francisco J García-Palmer, Ana M Proenza, Magdalena Gianotti, and Isabel Lladó

-inducible coactivator of adaptive thermogenesis and mitochondrial biogenesis, in both brown adipose tissue and skeletal muscle, where it is abundantly expressed ( Puigserver et al. 1998 , Liu & Lin 2011 ). PGC1A levels in liver are minimal under fed condition but a

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L Francisco Lorenzo-Martín, Mauricio Menacho-Márquez, Salvatore Fabbiano, Omar Al-Massadi, Antonio Abad, Sonia Rodríguez-Fdez, María A Sevilla, María J Montero, Carlos Diéguez, Rubén Nogueiras, and Xosé R Bustelo

mice and the progressive development of SNS-associated dysfunctions such as hypertension, hypertension-associated morbidities (e.g., cardiovascular remodeling, kidney fibrosis), tachycardia, tachypnea, liver steatosis, insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia

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Yujiao Dai, Peng Hao, Zhimei Sun, Zhiyi Guo, Hong Xu, Lihui Xue, Hongyu Song, Yida Li, Shuang Li, Mingming Gao, Teng Si, Yuxin Zhang, and Yajuan Qi

Introduction Liver fibrosis is characterized by excessive deposition of extracellular matrix (ECM), which is caused by chronic liver injury ( Hui & Friedman 2004 ) due to schistosomiasis and chronic viral hepatitis infection, non

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Bo He, Yinxian Wen, Shuwei Hu, Guihua Wang, Wen Hu, Jacques Magdalou, Liaobin Chen, and Hui Wang

to metabolic syndrome and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) ( Xu et al. 2012 a , Wang et al. 2014 ). Meanwhile, we recently reported that PCE induces hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance and high susceptibility to metabolic syndrome in

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Hongying An and Ling He

patients ( Magnusson et al. 1992 , Saltiel & Kahn 2001 , Wajngot et al. 2001 ). It is now clear that metformin improves hyperglycemia mainly through the suppression of gluconeogenesis in the liver. In a human study, treatment of patients with T2D with

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Daniela F Bertelli, Andressa Coope, Andrea M Caricilli, Patricia O Prada, Mario J Saad, Licio A Velloso, and Eliana P Araujo

extracts, obtained from thymus (Ty), skeletal muscle (SM), liver (Li), white adipose tissue (WAT), spleen (Sp), cardiac muscle (He), lung (Lu), and kidney (Ki), from 8-week old male Wistar rats were separated by SDS–PAGE, transferred to nitrocellulose

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Asghar Ali, Callie M Swanepoel, Quinton A Winger, Paul J Rozance, and Russell V Anthony

, trophoblast giant cells in mice and chorionic binucleate cells in sheep ( Gootwine 2004 , Sibiak et al. 2020 ). CSH binding has been identified in several maternal and fetal sheep tissues, including skeletal muscle, pancreas and liver ( Chan et al. 1978

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Giselle Adriana Abruzzese, Maria Florencia Heber, Silvana Rocio Ferreira, Leandro Martin Velez, Roxana Reynoso, Omar Pedro Pignataro, and Alicia Beatriz Motta

tissues is unknown. The liver is involved in lipid synthesis, transportation and storage, as well as in glucose and insulin metabolism ( Paschos & Paletas 2009 ), all key factors in PCOS pathogenesis ( den Boer et al . 2004 , Paschos & Paletas 2009