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Pedro A Orihuela, Alexis Parada-Bustamante, Lidia M Zuñiga, and Horacio B Croxatto

706 –715. Croxatto HB 2002 Physiology of gamete and embryo transport through the fallopian tube. Reproductive Biomedicine Online 4 160 –169. Farhat MY , Abiyounes S, Dingaan B, Vargas R

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Junie Hurette Chansi Kengni, Isabelle St-Louis, Sophie Parent, Valérie Leblanc, Carl Shooner, and Eric Asselin

role in male reproduction. H-PGDS is a cytosolic enzyme that isomerizes PGH 2 to PGD 2 in a glutathione-dependent manner ( Coleman et al . 1990 , Urade & Eguchi 2002 ). H-PGDS is present in the spleen, fallopian tube, endometrial gland cells

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Andrei S Chagin, Elham Karimian, Katja Sundström, Emma Eriksson, and Lars Sävendahl

mouse fallopian tube: mechanistic insight into estrogen-dependent production and secretion of insulin-like growth factors . American Journal of Physiology. Endocrinology and Metabolism 293 E1430 – E1442 . Strickland AL Underwood LE Voina SJ

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Alison V Roland, Craig S Nunemaker, Susanna R Keller, and Suzanne M Moenter

-induced upregulation of AR expression and enhancement of AR nuclear translocation in mouse fallopian tubes in vivo . American Journal of Physiology. Endocrinology and Metabolism 292 E604 – E614 doi:10.1152/ajpendo.00350.2006 . Singh R Artaza J Taylor W

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Ann E Drummond and Peter J Fuller

, corpora lutea (CL), and oocyte), colon, brain, Fallopian tube, lung, adipose, kidney, bone, heart, bladder, adrenal, testis, and prostate ( Enmark et al . 1997 , Grohe et al . 1997 , Kuiper et al . 1997 , Saunders et al . 1997 , 2002 , Taylor & Al

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Denys deCatanzaro and Tyler Pollock

( Butcher et al . 1974 , Robker & Richards 1998 , Freeman 2006 ). Actions of E 2 at the hypothalamus can induce female sexual receptivity ( Pfaff 1980 ). After fertilization, E 2 influences the rate of passage of fertilized ova through the fallopian

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Yuxun Zhou, Li Tong, Maochun Wang, Xueying Chang, Sijia Wang, Kai Li, and Junhua Xiao

2012 Coordinate regulation of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein dynamics by steroid hormones in the human Fallopian tube and endometrium in vivo and in vitro . American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism 302 E1269 – E1282

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Ching-Wen Chang, Anna K Wakeland, and Mana M Parast

transit of the embryo within the fallopian tube, where oxygen tension is low, albeit not as low as within the uterine cavity where implantation takes place ( Fischer & Bavister 1993 ). Although fertility clinics often culture human embryos under 5% oxygen

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Pauline C Xu, Yi Luan, Seok-Yeong Yu, Jing Xu, Donald W Coulter, and So-Youn Kim

Bales ES Luu T-H Perez L Kallen AN Nel-Themaat L Polotsky AJ , 2020 Expression and T cell regulatory action of the PD-1 immune checkpoint in the ovary and fallopian tube . bioRxiv 2020.2006.2006.138123.(