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Charlotte van Noord, Wendy M van der Deure, Miriam C J M Sturkenboom, Sabine M J M Straus, Albert Hofman, Theo J Visser, Jan A Kors, Jacqueline C M Witteman, and Bruno H Ch Stricker

limited data concerning hyperthyroidism and the duration of the QTc interval, we studied the association of thyrotropin (TSH) and free thyroxine (T 4 ) with the QTc interval in a prospective, population-based study of elderly. Materials and Methods Setting

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Mone Zaidi, Maria I New, Harry C Blair, Alberta Zallone, Ramkumarie Baliram, Terry F Davies, Christopher Cardozo, James Iqbal, Li Sun, Clifford J Rosen, and Tony Yuen

pituitary hormones. GH, ACTH, FSH, TSH, PRL, OXT and AVP regulate both osteoclasts and osteoblasts directly through GPCRs. Certain ligands, namely OXT, TSHβ v and ACTH, are also produced in bone marrow by macrophages and/or osteoblasts. TSH and

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Cesidio Giuliani, Ines Bucci, Valeria Montani, Dinah S Singer, Fabrizio Monaco, Leonard D Kohn, and Giorgio Napolitano

thyroid disease has been supported by several clinical and experimental observations. For example, mice immunized with fibroblasts expressing both human TSH receptor (TSHR) and an MHC class-II molecule develop pathological features of Graves' disease

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Takahiko Kogai, Saima Sajid-Crockett, Lynell S Newmarch, Yan-Yun Liu, and Gregory A Brent

. Reduced NIS mRNA expression, as well as reduced NIS trafficking to the plasma membrane, has been reported in differentiated thyroid cancer ( Kogai et al . 2006) . TSH induces NIS expression in thyroid follicular cells ( Kogai et al . 1997 , Saito et

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Xianghui Meng, Shuhang Xu, Guofang Chen, Michael Derwahl, and Chao Liu

Introduction Metformin, the most widely used antidiabetic drug, is considered as the cornerstone of type 2 diabetes treatments. Surprisingly, a few years ago, it has been reported that serum TSH level in hypothyroid patients decreased in

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Sayaka Aizawa, Takafumi Sakai, and Ichiro Sakata

mammalian PT contains two cell types: hormone-producing cells and folliculo-stellate cells. In general, the hormone-producing cells in the PT are glycoprotein hormone cells, i.e. the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) cells and gonado-tropic hormone cells

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Mark E Peterson

-stimulating hormone (TSH) is suppressed in these cats as a result of their chronic hyperthyroid state ( Gerber et al . 1985 , Capen 2001 , Peterson 2013 b ). Figure 2 Histologic section of a hyperthyroid cat goiter obtained at surgery stained with periodic acid

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Branka Šošić-Jurjević, Branko Filipović, Kostja Renko, Vladimir Ajdžanović, Milica Manojlović-Stojanoski, Verica Milošević, and Josef Köhrle

more clearly evident than in humans: young adult males have higher serum TSH levels than females ( Chen 1984 , Banu et al . 2001 , Marassi et al . 2007 ). In addition to effects on hypothalamic–pituitary hormone regulation ( Donda et al . 1990

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Pierre Hofstee, Janelle James-McAlpine, Daniel R McKeating, Jessica J Vanderlelie, James S M Cuffe, and Anthony V Perkins

serum samples with the mean concentrations of selenium detected in the entire cohort. Exclusion criteria The final dataset comprised of 63 women. Serum concentrations of fT4, fT 3 , TSH, and TPOAb were determined in the samples collected from

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Omer Turker, Kamil Kumanlioglu, Inanc Karapolat, and Ismail Dogan

peroxidase antibody (TPOAb) and in thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)-receptor antibody concentrations in patients with AIT ( Schmidt et al. 1998 ), a significant decrease in the mean serum TPOAb levels was also noted with a daily intake of 200 μg (2.53 μmol