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K E Lines, P J Newey, C J Yates, M Stevenson, R Dyar, G V Walls, M R Bowl, and R V Thakker

), which are short, non-coding, single-stranded RNAs that post-transcriptionally regulate gene expression, predominantly by imperfect base pairing to the 3′ untranslated region (UTR) of target mRNA sequences ( Filipowicz et al. 2008 , Stefani & Slack

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I Sadaf Farooqi and Stephen O'Rahilly

frameshift mutation in the LEP gene, which resulted in a truncated protein that was not secreted ( Montague et al . 1997 ). In 1998, three adults carrying a homozygous missense mutation in the LEP gene were reported in a family of Turkish origin

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Alfhild Grönbladh, Jenny Johansson, Anatole Nöstl, Fred Nyberg, and Mathias Hallberg

and to examine the impact of rhGH on learning and memory in male rats and to investigate the effects of this hormone on cognition in rats pretreated with supraphysiological doses of AAS. In addition, the effects on gene expression in hippocampus and

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Peter J Fuller, Jun Yang, and Morag J Young

'Malley 2010 ). The coregulators also serve as docking platforms for further coregulator binding to form larger transcriptional complexes ( McInerney et al . 1998 ). These complexes are recruited to the target gene by the activated, DNA-bound, receptors to

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Daiana Fornes, Florencia Heinecke, Cintia Romina Gatti, Sabrina Lorena Roberti, Verónica White, Alicia Jawerbaum, and Evangelina Capobianco

this study was to evaluate the F2 fetoplacental growth, placental lipid levels and placental expression of PPARs and PPAR target genes involved in pathways related to lipid synthesis, oxidation and transport to find sex-dependent alterations transmitted

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Giampaolo Trivellin and Márta Korbonits

genes ( PDE4A – D ; Lugnier 2006 ). Of these, the highly conserved PDE4A4/5 isoform (PDE4A5 is the rat homologue of the human PDE4A4) is characterised by an extended N-terminal region involved in subcellular targeting ( Bolger et al . 2003 ). PDE4A4

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Yanli Miao, Haojie Qin, Yi Zhong, Kai Huang, and Caijun Rao

repressor Kelch-like ECH-associated protein 1 (Keap1) ( Wang et al. 2020 ). We measured the expression levels of Nrf2 and Keap1, both the mRNA and protein levels of Nrf2 were downregulated in Ad-Asprosin mice, together with its downstream target genes

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Diego Safian, Jan Bogerd, and Rüdiger W Schulz

templates for DIG-labeled cRNA probe syntheses for in situ hybridization. Target genes Primers name Sequence (5′-3′) Gene information elf1a 2476 (Fw) GCCGTCCCACCGACAAG Reference gene (Morais et al. 2013) 2477 (Rv

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Rupasri Ain, Lindsey N Canham, and Michael J Soares

. DeChiara TM , Efstratiadis A & Robertson EJ 1990 A growth-deficiency phenotype in heterozygous mice carrying an insulin-like growth factor II gene disrupted by targeting. Nature 345 78 –80. Downward J 1999 How BAD

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Won Bae Kim, Christopher J Lewis, Kelly D McCall, Ramiro Malgor, Aimee D Kohn, Randall T Moon, and Leonard D Kohn

2004 ). β-Catenin, a transcription cofactor that acts together with T cell factor/lymphoid enhancing factor (TCF/LEF) to induce target gene expression ( Cadigan & Nusse 1997 ), is a structural adaptor protein linking cadherins to the actin cytoskeleton