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Hui Yu, Zoe Thompson, Sylee Kiran, Graham L Jones, Lakshmi Mundada, Surbhi, Marcelo Rubinstein, and Malcolm J Low

al . 1996 ). However, the function and regulation of POMC expression in the placenta is poorly understood. Previous work from our lab identified two phylogenetically conserved neuronal Pomc enhancers named nPE1 and nPE2, located approximately 12

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Aiying Liu, Liping Gao, Shoulei Kang, Ying Liu, Chuanying Xu, Hong Sun, Dongye Li, and Changdong Yan

physiological levels increases the number of β 2 -ARs ( Xu et al . 1991 ), enhances the expression of α 1A -, β 1 -, and β 2 -AR in rat hearts ( Tsang et al . 2008 , 2009 ). So, we speculated that β 2 -AR may be a common downstream target of estrogen and

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Katsumori Segawa, Morihiro Matsuda, Atsunori Fukuhara, Kentaro Morita, Yosuke Okuno, Ryutaro Komuro, and Iichiro Shimomura

(PPARG, also known as PPARγ; Iwaki et al . 2003 ), CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein-α (CEBPA, also known as C/EBPα; Park et al . 2004 , Qiao et al . 2005 , Qiao et al . 2006 ), nuclear factor of activated T cells 4 and activating transcription

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Alberto Loizzo, Santi M Spampinato, Gabriele Campana, Stefano Vella, Andrea Fortuna, Loredana Costa, Anna Capasso, Palmiero Monteleone, Paolo Renzi, and Stefano Loizzo

-function. We demonstrated that our mild stress daily applied to male mice in the nursing period produces POMC–HPA feedback mechanism failure in the pituitary ( Galietta et al . 2006 ). Consequently, enduring enhanced ACTH–corticosteroid and opioid levels in

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Min Joo Kim, Se Hee Min, Seon Young Shin, Mi Na Kim, Hakmo Lee, Jin Young Jang, Sun-Whe Kim, Kyong Soo Park, and Hye Seung Jung

, they were reported to be slightly glucose intolerant ( Harding et al . 2001 ); however, Wang and coworkers found that Perk +/− mice exhibited enhanced insulin secretion during neonatal and juvenile development, resulting in a transient reduction in

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Stefano Zanotti, Lisa Stadmeyer, Anna Smerdel-Ramoya, Deena Durant, and Ernesto Canalis

Introduction CCAAT/enhancer binding proteins (C/EBPs) are a family of transcription factors that play a role in cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis ( Nerlov 2007 ). Six members of the C/EBP family have been characterized and are

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Johan Svensson, Jon Kindblom, Ruijin Shao, Sofia Movérare-Skrtic, Marie K Lagerquist, Niklas Andersson, Klara Sjögren, Katrien Venken, Dirk Vanderschueren, John-Olov Jansson, Olle Isaksson, and Claes Ohlsson

inactivates IGFBP3 ( Cohen et al . 1992 , 1994 b ), thereby enhancing the bioavailability of IGF1. In vitro studies have demonstrated that several components of the IGF1 system are involved in the regulation of the growth of prostate-derived cells ( Perkel

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Norihiko Kato, Keiichiro Kitahara, Susan R Rittling, Kazuhisa Nakashima, David T Denhardt, Hisashi Kurosawa, Yoichi Ezura, and Masaki Noda

on anabolic action of EP4 in bone, we examined the structure of bones in WT and OPN-deficient mice treated either with sub-optimal dose of EP4A or vehicle. Micro-CT evaluation indicated that EP4A treatment moderately enhanced the BV/TV in the

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Mi-Hyun Kim, Jae-Hwan Jee, Sunyoung Park, Myung-Shik Lee, Kwang-Won Kim, and Moon-Kyu Lee

transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2), which has its binding site in the G2 enhancer element of proglucagon ( G lu ), a precursor of GLP1 ( Akiyama 2000 ). Insulin enhances GLP1 production via inhibition of glycogen synthase kinase (GSK)-3β

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Maria G Catalano, Nicoletta Fortunati, Mariateresa Pugliese, Roberta Poli, Ornella Bosco, Raffaella Mastrocola, Manuela Aragno, and Giuseppe Boccuzzi

, cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis ( Lindemann et al. 2004 ). Moreover, HDAC inhibitors, through the hyperacetylation of histones and subsequent relaxation of chromatin, may enhance the cytotoxicity of drugs targeting DNA ( Kim et al. 2003 , Marchion