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Mark E Cleasby, Pauline M Jamieson, and Philip J Atherton

Associations between obesity, diabetes and skeletal muscle ageing The International Diabetes Federation has estimated that there were 382 million people living with diabetes in 2013, with this number predicted to rise to 592 million by 2035

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Bernard Freudenthal, John Logan, Sanger Institute Mouse Pipelines, Peter I Croucher, Graham R Williams, and J H Duncan Bassett

). There are two key determinants of adult BMD: the peak bone mass attained in early adulthood and the rate of bone loss during ageing. Variation in BMD has a large heritable genetic component. This is known from observations of familial clustering of

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Dawn E W Livingstone, Emma M Di Rollo, Tracy C-S Mak, Karen Sooy, Brian R Walker, and Ruth Andrew

signalling or indeed both. Insulin resistance is a feature of both excess glucocorticoid production, for example in Cushing’s Syndrome, and also low circulating testosterone with ageing ( Cheung et al. 2015 ). In vivo dissection of the distinct

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Kevin J P Ryan, Zoe C T R Daniel, Lucinda J L Craggs, Tim Parr, and John M Brameld

during ageing and VitD deficiency, although infiltration by already committed adipocyte populations is also possible. VitD has been shown to play a key regulatory role in myogenesis and is likely to be important in muscle fibre repair ( Capiati et al

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K A Staines, A S Pollard, I M McGonnell, C Farquharson, and A A Pitsillides

remodelled during ageing and disease, as highlighted by observed morphological changes in osteoarthritis including tidemark duplication and increased calcified cartilage thickness ( Lane & Bullough 1980 , Oettmeier et al . 1989 , Oegema et al . 1997

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R Prasad, J C Kowalczyk, E Meimaridou, H L Storr, and L A Metherell

disorders, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease and ageing. Antioxidant defence mechanisms are complex and can be specific to cell type and furthermore to sub-cellular compartment. In comparison to many other tissues, including those with high metabolic

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Young Hoon Son, Seok-Jin Lee, Ki-Baek Lee, Jin-Haeng Lee, Eui Man Jeong, Sun Gun Chung, Sang-Chul Park, and In-Gyu Kim

modulator in ageing-dependent non-obese type 2 diabetes: studies in a new mouse model . Diabetologia 51 1025 – 1034 . ( doi:10.1007/s00125-008-0993-0 ) Oh YS Lee TS Cheon GJ Jang IS Jun HS Park SC 2011 Modulation of insulin sensitivity

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Scott Haston, Saba Manshaei, and Juan Pedro Martinez-Barbera

, with older mice failing to recover their GH+ population following ablation ( Willems et al. 2016 ). Interestingly, this reduced regenerative potential correlates with a reduction in PSC during ageing. The Vankelecom group also demonstrated similar

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Peter Kolkhof and Lars Bärfacker

. Age and Ageing 34 395 – 398 . ( doi:10.1093/ageing/afi104 ) Dorrance AM 2008 Stroke therapy: is spironolactone the holy grail? Endocrinology 149 3761 – 3763 . ( doi:10.1210/en.2008-0724 ) Drug and Therapeutic Bulletin 1988

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J Jeyabalan, M Shah, B Viollet, J P Roux, P Chavassieux, M Korbonits, and C Chenu

to the changes seen during ageing and osteoporosis, suggesting an altered bone remodelling at basal level in these mice. To determine the cause of the low bone mass in Ampkα1 −/− mice and whether bone remodelling is affected in these mice at basal