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Dawn E W Livingstone, Emma M Di Rollo, Tracy C-S Mak, Karen Sooy, Brian R Walker, and Ruth Andrew

significantly higher in the 5αR1-KO mice receiving high-fat diet vs WT ( Fig. 3C , D ). Figure 3 Insulin sensitivity in female mice deficient in 5α-reductase 1 aged 3 m after high-fat diet. Female mice deficient in 5α-reductase 1 (KO) and their wild

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Corinne Caillaud, Mie Mechta, Heidi Ainge, Andreas N Madsen, Patricia Ruell, Emilie Mas, Catherine Bisbal, Jacques Mercier, Stephen Twigg, Trevor A Mori, David Simar, and Romain Barrès

as a regulator involved in glucose metabolism. Results of early studies carried out of patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) indicated that EPO not only treated anemia but also improved insulin sensitivity ( Borissova et al . 1993 , Mak 1996

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M A Hyatt, D H Keisler, H Budge, and M E Symonds

secretes a number of cytokines and peptides, termed adipokines, which are involved in regulating insulin sensitivity, appetite, energy balance, inflammation and lipid metabolism (see Trayhurn & Wood 2004 ). Excess fat mass that accompanies obesity appears

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Young Hoon Son, Seok-Jin Lee, Ki-Baek Lee, Jin-Haeng Lee, Eui Man Jeong, Sun Gun Chung, Sang-Chul Park, and In-Gyu Kim

hypertriglyceridemia ( Gazzerro et al . 2010 ). Moreover, we have demonstrated that the level of CAV1 in skeletal muscle is related to insulin sensitivity in vitro and in vivo ( Oh et al . 2008 ), indicating that CAV1 may regulate insulin signaling. Notably, Cav

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Esther Nuñez-Durán, Belén Chanclón, Silva Sütt, Joana Real, Hanns-Ulrich Marschall, Ingrid Wernstedt Asterholm, Emmelie Cansby, and Margit Mahlapuu

that Stk25 transgenic mice challenged with a high-fat diet develop peripheral insulin resistance compared with wild-type littermates ( Cansby et al. 2013 ). Diminished insulin sensitivity and a consequent rise in insulin demand are normally

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Maayan Vatarescu, Sapir Bechor, Yulia Haim, Tal Pecht, Tanya Tarnovscki, Noa Slutsky, Ori Nov, Hagit Shapiro, Avishai Shemesh, Angel Porgador, Nava Bashan, and Assaf Rudich

Glucose homeostasis and insulin sensitivity upon dietary switch. Eight-week-old C57BL6 mice were fed normal-chow diet (NC, ~10% kcal from fat) for 10 weeks, high-fat feeding (HFF, ~60% kcal from fat) for 10 weeks or HFF for 8 weeks and then switched to NC

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I J Bujalska, L L Gathercole, J W Tomlinson, C Darimont, J Ermolieff, A N Fanjul, P A Rejto, and P M Stewart

overexpression in the liver develop MS without obesity ( Paterson et al . 2004 ). Conversely, global deletion of 11β-HSD1 caused reduced visceral fat accumulation and improved insulin sensitivity on a high fat diet ( Kotelevtsev et al . 1997 , Morton et al

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Xuefeng Yang, Shuang Mei, Haihua Gu, Huailan Guo, Longying Zha, Junwei Cai, Xuefeng Li, Zhenqi Liu, and Wenhong Cao

supplementation of amino acids such as leucine to animals fed on a HFD increases insulin sensitivity rather than causing insulin resistance ( Zhang et al . 2007 , Guo et al . 2010 , Yang et al . 2013 ). Therefore, macronutrients themselves do not cause

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Qinglei Yin, Liyun Shen, Yicheng Qi, Dalong Song, Lei Ye, Ying Peng, Yanqiu Wang, Zhou Jin, Guang Ning, Weiqing Wang, Dongping Lin, and Shu Wang

rheumatoid arthritis ( Li et al. 2018 ), atherosclerosis ( Sosnowska et al. 2017 ), insulin sensitivity ( Hui et al. 2017 ) and kidney disease ( He et al. 2010 , Hasegawa et al. 2010 ). However, whether PBMCs SIRT1 is involved in the pathogenesis

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Lianne Abrahams, Nina M Semjonous, Phil Guest, Agnieszka Zielinska, Beverly Hughes, Gareth G Lavery, and Paul M Stewart

Forsgren M Ashkzari M 2003 Selective Inhibition of 11B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 improves hepatic insulin sensitivity in hyperglycemic mice strains . Endocrinology 144 4755 – 4762 . doi:10.1210/en.2003-0344 . Atanasov AG Nashev