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A Edlund, M Barghouth, M Hühn, M Abels, J S E Esguerra, I G Mollet, E Svedin, A Wendt, E Renström, E Zhang, N Wierup, B J Scholte, M Flodström-Tullberg, and L Eliasson

a FVB background has reduced beta cell mass and increased insulin sensitivity at young age, but developed glucose intolerance with increased age ( Fontes et al. 2015 ). Here, we have investigated intrinsic effects of CFTR in pancreatic islet

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Lei Zhang, Carol Paddon, Mark D Lewis, Fiona Grennan-Jones, and Marian Ludgate

Quon MJ Karnieli E 2006 FOXO1 represses peroxisome proliferator activator receptor gamma 1 and gamma 2 gene promoters in primary adipocytes – a novel paradigm to increase insulin sensitivity . Journal of Biological Chemistry 28 19881

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Farhana Naznin, Koji Toshinai, T M Zaved Waise, Cherl NamKoong, Abu Saleh Md Moin, Hideyuki Sakoda, and Masamitsu Nakazato

intake and energy expenditure . Brain Research 1350 18 – 34 . ( doi:10.1016/j.brainres.2010.03.059 ) Schenk S Saberi M Olefsky JM 2008 Insulin sensitivity: modulation by nutrients and inflammation . Journal of Clinical Investigation 118

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A Tsuchiya, T Kanno, and T Nishizaki

induces rapid hypertrophy . Molecular and Cellular Biology 24 9295 – 9304 . ( doi:10.1128/MCB.24.21.9295-9304.2004 ) Maarbjerg SJ Sylow L Richter EA 2011 Current understanding of increased insulin sensitivity after exercise

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Eun Young Lee, Shuji Kaneko, Promsuk Jutabha, Xilin Zhang, Susumu Seino, Takahito Jomori, Naohiko Anzai, and Takashi Miki

independent of insulin sensitivity and β-cell function . Diabetes Care 35 1119 – 1125 . ( doi:10.2337/dc11-2050 ) Matschinsky FM Magnuson MA Zelent D Jetton TL Doliba N Han Y Taub R Grimsby J 2006 The network of glucokinase

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Dawn E W Livingstone, Emma M Di Rollo, Chenjing Yang, Lucy E Codrington, John A Mathews, Madina Kara, Katherine A Hughes, Christopher J Kenyon, Brian R Walker, and Ruth Andrew

Hughes KA Livingstone DEW Gray CD Minns FC MacFarlane DP Marshall I Stewart LH Walker BR Andrew R 5α-Reductase type 1 modulates insulin sensitivity in men Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2014 [in press] doi:10

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Gisela Helfer and Qing-Feng Wu

, the precise mechanisms are still not clear. Targeting insulin resistance Chemerin has also been reported to regulate insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake ( Table 1 ). It is conflicting that in vitro studies using 3T3-L1 adipocytes provide

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Louise Grahnemo, Caroline Jochems, Annica Andersson, Cecilia Engdahl, Claes Ohlsson, Ulrika Islander, and Hans Carlsten

by increasing hypothalamic insulin sensitivity . Journal of Neuroscience 30 16180 – 16187 . ( doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3202-10.2010 ) Koetz KR Ventz M Diederich S Quinkler M 2012 Bone mineral density is not significantly reduced in adult

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Valentina Pampanini, Daniela Germani, Antonella Puglianiello, Jan-Bernd Stukenborg, Ahmed Reda, Iuliia Savchuk, Kristín Rós Kjartansdóttir, Stefano Cianfarani, and Olle Söder

Duivenvoorden HJ Hofman PL Cutfield WS Hokken-Koelega AC 2005 Reduced insulin sensitivity and the presence of cardiovascular risk factors in short prepubertal children born small for gestational age (SGA) . Clinical Endocrinology 62 44

Open access

Sara Della Torre, Gianpaolo Rando, Clara Meda, Paolo Ciana, Luisa Ottobrini, and Adriana Maggi

in the regulation of glucose homeostasis in mice: insulin sensitivity in the liver . Diabetologia 49 588 – 597 . ( ) 10.1007/s00125-005-0105-3 16463047 Campbell-Thompson M Reyher KK Wilkinson LB 2001