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Michael Rouse, Antoine Younès, and Josephine M Egan

secretion in mouse β-Min6 cells as well as human islets. Treatment with these natural products also augmented intracellular levels of cAMP, an important second messenger in the insulin secretion pathway. We then developed a novel PDE activity assay so that

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David R Grattan

prolactin (reproduced, with permission, from Brown RS, Piet R, Herbison AE & Grattan DR (2012) Differential actions of prolactin on electrical activity and intracellular signal transduction in hypothalamic neurons. Endocrinology 153 2375–2384. Copyright

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Pauline Campos, Jamie J Walker, and Patrice Mollard

gene transcription and synaptic transmission, and changes in these oscillations are observed in a variety of (patho)physiological states ( Le Tissier et al. 2017 ). Although it has long been postulated that neuroendocrine neurons have the ability to

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Geoffrey L Hammond

diffuse into cells and exert their activities. Numerous reports of the facilitated uptake of SHBG-bound steroids have also surfaced ( Bordin & Petra 1980 , Pardridge 1988 , Porto et al. 1991 , Hammes et al. 2005 ), but have never been substantiated

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Amanda E Garza, Elijah Trefts, Isis A Katayama Rangel, Danielle Brooks, Rene Baudrand, Burhanuddin Moize, Jose R Romero, Sanjay Ranjit, Thitinan Treesaranuwattana, Tham M Yao, Gail K Adler, Luminita H Pojoga, and Gordon H Williams

caveolin-1 is also associated with adverse aldosterone/MR outcomes ( Pojoga et al. 2010 ). Striatin’s function as a scaffold protein could be a key mediator to how multiple co-regulators can modulate MR’s transcriptional activity. We would propose that

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Helen L Jeanes, Caroline Tabor, Darcey Black, Antwan Ederveen, and Gillian A Gray

transcriptional activity ( Mendelsohn & Karas 2005 ). ERα is expressed in human cardiomyocytes ( Mendelsohn & Karas 2005 ) while ERβ has been identified in cardiomyocytes and fibroblasts ( Taylor et al . 2000 ). A similar ER distribution has been reported in the

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Joachim M Weitzel, Torsten Viergutz, Dirk Albrecht, Rupert Bruckmaier, Marion Schmicke, Armin Tuchscherer, Franziska Koch, and Björn Kuhla

. However, the post-partum mitochondrial activity regulated by the transcription factor–coactivator complexes THRA/PPARGC1A and/or NRF1/PPARGC1A during HS seems to be dampened and might account for the switch from fat to glucose utilization as observed

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Nikolaos Nikolaou, Anastasia Arvaniti, Nathan Appanna, Anna Sharp, Beverly A Hughes, Dena Digweed, Martin J Whitaker, Richard Ross, Wiebke Arlt, Trevor M Penning, Karen Morris, Sherly George, Brian G Keevil, Leanne Hodson, Laura L Gathercole, and Jeremy W Tomlinson

regarding the role of AKR1D1 in GC metabolism, specificially with regard to regulation of AKR1D1 expression and activity by GCs, the capacity of AKR1D1 to metabolise synthetic steroids and its role in the regulation of established GC target genes. There is a

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Zhenguang Zhang, Agnes E Coutinho, Tak Yung Man, Tiina M J Kipari, Patrick W F Hadoke, Donald M Salter, Jonathan R Seckl, and Karen E Chapman

myeloid phagocytes ( Hsd11b1 MKO ) to investigate the role of 11β-HSD1 activity in macrophages. We have used models of inflammation associated with a strong angiogenic response – the K/BxN serum transfer model of inflammatory arthritis and the sponge

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Laura L Hernandez, Sean W Limesand, Jayne L Collier, Nelson D Horseman, and Robert J Collier

identity and physiological activity have not been confirmed. This factor was proposed to decrease milk yield, milk protein synthesis, and milk protein mRNA expression, both in vivo and in vitro and in a variety of species ( Wilde et al . 1988