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Nele Cielen, Nele Heulens, Karen Maes, Geert Carmeliet, Chantal Mathieu, Wim Janssens, and Ghislaine Gayan-Ramirez

. 2011 ) and keeping in mind that serum levels of vitamin D were found to be related with the activity of antioxidant enzymes in rat gastrocnemius muscle ( Gonzalez-Reimers et al. 2010 ), we explored whether vitamin D deficiency may have affected muscle

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Colin P Sibley

of adequate nutrient supply via the placenta, arising from poor blood flow to and from the placenta and/or defects in exchange processes due to reduced surface area of the syncytiotrophoblast or of reduced activity of nutrient transporter proteins in

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E J Agnew, A Garcia-Burgos, R V Richardson, H Manos, A J W Thomson, K Sooy, G Just, N Z M Homer, C M Moran, P J Brunton, G A Gray, and K E Chapman

(VSMCs) ( Rog-Zielinska et al. 2013 ). Expression profiling and in silico transcription factor analysis in sheep heart suggest that endogenous glucocorticoids similarly promote the metabolic transitions that occur close to birth in large animals

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Saadia Basharat, Jennifer A Parker, Kevin G Murphy, Stephen R Bloom, Julia C Buckingham, and Christopher D John

significant, albeit reversible, increase in HPA activity ( Huang et al . 1998 ). All rats were killed by decapitation 2 h after the second injection and trunk blood was immediately collected into plastic potassium-EDTA tubes (1.6 mg EDTA/mm of blood). Plasma

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R Prasad, J C Kowalczyk, E Meimaridou, H L Storr, and L A Metherell

is high and selenium is preferentially retained in this organ during selenium deficiency ( Behne & Hofer-Bosse 1984 ). Indeed, selenium deficiency results in a significant depletion of GPX activity and a reduction in steroidogenesis in an adrenal cell

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E Meimaridou, M Goldsworthy, V Chortis, E Fragouli, P A Foster, W Arlt, R Cox, and L A Metherell

activities of steroidogenic cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes are reliant upon electron-donating redox partners; for mitochondrial (or type 1) enzymes, electrons are transferred from the reduced form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH) by

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Alessandro Pocai

in perfused mice liver showing that OXM can functionally activate the GCGR ( Kosinski et al . 2012 ). Du et al . (2012) using a GLP1R agonist peptide with a mutation of Gln (Q) → Glu (E) (OXMQ3E) in position 3 that dials out activity on GCGR

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Shisan Xu, Fangjing Xie, Li Tian, Samane Fallah, Fatemeh Babaei, Sinai H C Manno, Francis A M Manno III, Lina Zhu, Kin Fung Wong, Yimin Liang, Rajkumar Ramalingam, Lei Sun, Xin Wang, Robert Plumb, Lee Gethings, Yun Wah Lam, and Shuk Han Cheng

. Uninjured female hearts contained a significantly higher number of PCNA-positive cells compared to male hearts ( Fig. 1A and B ), indicating a higher baseline proliferative activity in female cardiomyocytes. We compared the relative scar volume in female

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Bernard Freudenthal, John Logan, Sanger Institute Mouse Pipelines, Peter I Croucher, Graham R Williams, and J H Duncan Bassett

humanised monoclonal antibody to RANKL that mimics the endogenous inhibiting activity of OPG ( Lacey et al . 2012 ). Denosumab is administered by 6-month injection; yet, its use is restricted by high cost and its effects are rapidly reversible. Another new

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Maayan Vatarescu, Sapir Bechor, Yulia Haim, Tal Pecht, Tanya Tarnovscki, Noa Slutsky, Ori Nov, Hagit Shapiro, Avishai Shemesh, Angel Porgador, Nava Bashan, and Assaf Rudich

transcription factor PPARγ ( Pparg ), increased in HFF mice compared to those of NC ( Fig. 2E ). The effect of HFF on Pparg expression was completely abrogated in the HFF→NC group. Figure 2 Early hepatic response to obesity reversal. Representative images