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Manon M Roustit, Joan M Vaughan, Pauline M Jamieson and Mark E Cleasby

enhances glucose uptake into muscle during an IPGTT and increases cellular glucose transporter content Glucose uptake into mUCN3 expressing and paired control TC muscles were also assessed after 1 week. The IPGTTs carried out in these rats resulted in

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Michael Rouse, Antoine Younès and Josephine M Egan

, Waddleton et al . 2008 ), PDE8B ( Dov et al . 2008 ), and PDE10A ( Cantin et al . 2007 ) expression enhances β-cell function by promoting insulin secretion in response to glucose in rat β-cells. Resveratrol (RES; 3,4′,5-trihydroxystilbene) is a

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Sushil K Mahata, Hong Zheng, Sumana Mahata, Xuefei Liu and Kaushik P Patel

Introduction Enhanced neurohumoral drive is a major risk factor that influences the progression of chronic heart failure (HF) and mortality in patients and the experimental models ( Packer 1988 , Zucker et al . 1995 , Patel 1997 ). During

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Hiroharu Mifune, Yuji Tajiri, Yusuke Sakai, Yukie Kawahara, Kento Hara, Takahiro Sato, Yoshihiro Nishi, Akinori Nishi, Ryouichi Mitsuzono, Tatsuyuki Kakuma and Masayasu Kojima

fluctuates throughout the day with its peak at the beginning of the dark period under voluntary exercise. The single administration of a ghrelin agonist at the beginning of the dark period markedly enhanced the voluntary exercise activity of GKO mice to a

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Hyo Youl Moon, Parkyong Song, Cheol Soo Choi, Sung Ho Ryu and Pann-Ghill Suh

transferred to capless tubes placed in a scintillation vial containing 0.5 ml of unlabeled water and were incubated at 50 °C for 12 h. After evaporation and equilibration, the tubes were removed and scintillation enhancer fluid (PerkinElmer Life and Analytical

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Dawn E W Livingstone, Emma M Di Rollo, Chenjing Yang, Lucy E Codrington, John A Mathews, Madina Kara, Katherine A Hughes, Christopher J Kenyon, Brian R Walker and Ruth Andrew

low in critically ill patients, we proposed the hypothesis that substantially slower clearance of cortisol results in enhanced negative feedback suppression of ACTH and hence compensatory downregulation of cortisol production to maintain cortisol

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Alessandro Pocai

peptide (GIP) receptors. Peripheral administration of OXM results in increased c-Fos in the arcuate nucleus (ARC), but not in the brainstem region ( Dakin et al . 2004 ), and using manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance to follow the pattern of neuronal

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Jin-Ran Chen, Oxana P Lazarenko, Haijun Zhao, Alexander W Alund and Kartik Shankar

maternal obesity enhances binding of H3K27ac to PPARγ and cellular senescence-associated target genes (p53 and p21), H3K27ac chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assays were carried out ( Fig. 2B ). We used antibody against H3K27ac and subsequent PCR

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Gisela Helfer and Qing-Feng Wu

elastase and cathepsin G into the milieu ( Wittamer et al . 2003 , 2005 ). Subsequently, chemerin functions to enhance the chemotaxis of immature dendritic cells and macrophages, bridging innate and adaptive immunity for the initiation of immune response

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Shisan Xu, Fangjing Xie, Li Tian, Samane Fallah, Fatemeh Babaei, Sinai H C Manno, Francis A M Manno III, Lina Zhu, Kin Fung Wong, Yimin Liang, Rajkumar Ramalingam, Lei Sun, Xin Wang, Robert Plumb, Lee Gethings, Yun Wah Lam and Shuk Han Cheng

). Interestingly, a recent study has attributed the remarkable regenerative capacity of the zebrafish heart to this organism’s enhanced inflammatory and immune response ( Lai et al . 2017 ). The conservation of genetic pathways between zebrafish and mammals