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Tina Seidu, Patrick McWhorter, Jessie Myer, Rabita Alamgir, Nicole Eregha, Dilip Bogle, Taylor Lofton, Carolyn Ecelbarger, and Stanley Andrisse

FFA uptake, de novo lipogenesis (DNL), and/or reduced lipid removal. ( Dowman et al. 2010 , Pettinelli et al. 2011 , Berlanga et al. 2014 ). The development of hepatic steatosis in PCOS is unique due to the influence of HA and is multi

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Bettina Geidl-Flueck and Philipp A Gerber

hypothesized that an increased de novo lipogenesis after fructose intake in parallel with a decreased fatty acid oxidation leads to hepatic fat deposition. ACC, acetyl-CoA-carboxylase; ATP, adenosine triphosphate; CPT1a, carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1A; FA

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Hyo Youl Moon, Parkyong Song, Cheol Soo Choi, Sung Ho Ryu, and Pann-Ghill Suh

suggested to be critical features ( Browning & Horton 2004 ). Indeed, in HFD-induced hepatic steatosis, both elevated hepatic lipogenesis and impaired lipid oxidation contribute to hepatic TG accumulation ( Postic & Girard 2008 ). Hepatic lipid homeostasis

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T V Novoselova, R Larder, D Rimmington, C Lelliott, E H Wynn, R J Gorrigan, P H Tate, L Guasti, The Sanger Mouse Genetics Project, S O’Rahilly, A J L Clark, D W Logan, A P Coll, and L F Chan

state of enzymes involved in lipogenesis and fatty acid synthesis as well as phosphorylation of the rate-limiting enzyme for lipolysis of hormone sensitive lipase (HSL). Phosphorylation of ATP-citrate lyase (ACL), an enzyme responsible for the synthesis

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Yanli Miao, Haojie Qin, Yi Zhong, Kai Huang, and Caijun Rao

) Relative mRNA expression of lipogenesis-related genes in mice scWAT ( n  = 4–8). (B and C) Lipogenesis was rescued by oltipraz treatment in Ad-Asprosin cells ( n  = 3). (B) Western blot analysis of ACC1 and FASN in the scWAT of experimental mice ( n  = 5

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Xuefeng Yang, Shuang Mei, Haihua Gu, Huailan Guo, Longying Zha, Junwei Cai, Xuefeng Li, Zhenqi Liu, and Wenhong Cao

. Table 2 The mRNA levels of genes involved in lipogenesis and fat oxidation. Results represent mean± s.d. of six to eight mice Glargine vs control (fold) Liver P value Muscle P value Cpt1 α (Cpt1 β ) ( Chpt1 ) 0.824±0.581 0.580 1.131±0.893 0

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Ashley Patton, Tyler Church, Caroline Wilson, Jean Thuma, Douglas J Goetz, Darlene E Berryman, Edward O List, Frank Schwartz, and Kelly D McCall

lipogenesis and TG accumulation ( Feingold & Grunfeld 1987 , Grunfeld et al . 1988 , 1991 , Feingold et al . 1990 , 1992 ). Exogenous Tnfa in mice and rats has caused increased TG production and storage in the liver ( Feingold & Grunfeld 1987

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I J Bujalska, L L Gathercole, J W Tomlinson, C Darimont, J Ermolieff, A N Fanjul, P A Rejto, and P M Stewart

was assessed. Measuring lipid content in human subcutaneous s–v cells Lipogenesis in human subcutaneous s–v cells was measured as triglyceride accumulation. Cells were carefully washed with PBS and lysed in situ by adding 50 μl/well of Hecameg (10

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Nikolaos Nikolaou, Anastasia Arvaniti, Nathan Appanna, Anna Sharp, Beverly A Hughes, Dena Digweed, Martin J Whitaker, Richard Ross, Wiebke Arlt, Trevor M Penning, Karen Morris, Sherly George, Brian G Keevil, Leanne Hodson, Laura L Gathercole, and Jeremy W Tomlinson

decrease in expression with advancing severity of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) ( Valanejad et al. 2018 , Nikolaou et al. 2019 b ). In this context, AKR1D1 knockdown increased the expression of key enzymes involved in lipogenesis as

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T Mracek, D Gao, T Tzanavari, Y Bao, X Xiao, C Stocker, P Trayhurn, and C Bing

enhanced lipogenesis. Given the role of ZAG as an LMF, the fall of ZAG synthesis in the liver of obese mice may contribute to the hepatic accumulation of triglycerides. In addition to alterations in lipid metabolism, there are significant disturbances in