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S Schmidt, A Hommel, V Gawlik, R Augustin, N Junicke, S Florian, M Richter, D J Walther, D Montag, H-G Joost, and A Schürmann

). GLUT3 is also expressed in other cells (sperm, pre- and post-implantation embryo circulating white blood cells, and carcinoma cells) where it triggers the specific requirements for glucose ( Simpson et al . 2008 ). Several studies have demonstrated

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Antonia Hufnagel, Laura Dearden, Denise S Fernandez-Twinn, and Susan E Ozanne

placenta at term ( Nelson et al. 1978 ). The glycocalyx, a network of glycoproteins, is present on the maternal microvillous membrane and has been proposed to play a role in the regulation of transport across the syncytiotrophoblast ( Fabre-Gray et al

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Sara Della Torre, Gianpaolo Rando, Clara Meda, Paolo Ciana, Luisa Ottobrini, and Adriana Maggi

active in most reproductive and non-reproductive tissue cells ( Ciocca & Roig 1995 , Maggi et al. 2004 , Bookout et al. 2006 ). Their expression and transcriptional activity in the course of embryo development is less studied ( Brandenberger et al

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Denys deCatanzaro and Tyler Pollock

leukocytes including neutrophils, eosinophils, macrophages and uterine natural killer cells ( Tibbetts et al . 1999 , Hunt et al . 2000 ). E 2 also facilitates transport of preimplantation embryos from the oviduct to the uterus ( Roblero & Garavagno 1979

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Antonio Gázquez, Francisca Rodríguez, María Sánchez-Campillo, Lidia E Martínez-Gascón, Marino B Arnao, Pedro Saura-Garre, María D Albaladejo-Otón, and Elvira Larqué

transport of docosahexaenoic acid (22:6 n-3, DHA) by GDM ( Herrera & Ortega-Senovilla 2010 , Leveille et al. 2018 ), likely as a consequence of alterations in fatty acids (FA) transport proteins related to phospholipids transfer such as the major

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Gulizar Issa Ameen and Silvia Mora

Introduction Casitas b-lymphoma (Cbl) is a proximal insulin receptor adaptor protein identified as necessary for insulin-mediated activation of glucose transport in adipocytes ( Baumann et al . 2000 , Chiang et al . 2001 , Chang et al

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K A Staines, A S Pollard, I M McGonnell, C Farquharson, and A A Pitsillides

184 447 – 456 . Arkill KP Winlove CP 2008 Solute transport in the deep and calcified zones of articular cartilage . Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 16 708 – 714 . ( doi:10.1016/j.joca.2007.10.001 ) Ballock RT O'Keefe RJ 2003

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Nadia Schoenmakers, Kyriaki S Alatzoglou, V Krishna Chatterjee, and Mehul T Dattani

hormone-producing cell types ( Lanctot et al . 1999 ). Pitx1 null embryos have normal pituitary morphogenesis; however, at birth the number of thyrotropes and gonadotropes are reduced. This absence of early defects may in part be explained by the

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Shisan Xu, Fangjing Xie, Li Tian, Samane Fallah, Fatemeh Babaei, Sinai H C Manno, Francis A M Manno III, Lina Zhu, Kin Fung Wong, Yimin Liang, Rajkumar Ramalingam, Lei Sun, Xin Wang, Robert Plumb, Lee Gethings, Yun Wah Lam, and Shuk Han Cheng

hormones in zebrafish cardiac development and function. Inhibition of E2 synthesis treatment with aromatase enzyme induces a phenotype similar to congestive heart failure and tamponade in zebrafish embryos ( Allgood Jr et al . 2013 ). These conditions are

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Ya-Li Yang, Li-Rong Ren, Li-Feng Sun, Chen Huang, Tian-Xia Xiao, Bao-Bei Wang, Jie Chen, Brian A Zabel, Peigen Ren, and Jian V Zhang

. By inhibiting cholesterol transport ( Pescador et al . 1996 ), side chain rupture ( Murdoch et al . 1996 ), and the stimulation of progesterone synthesis by gonadotropin ( Bjurulf et al . 1998 ), inhibiting the release of progesterone ( Hayashi