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David A Bechtold and Simon M Luckman

restriction or in diet-induced obese rats ( Laemmle et al. 2003 ). However, ICV administration of NPFF has been shown to activate oxytocin neurons in the PVN ( Jhamandas & MacTavish 2003 ). Therefore, the anorexic effects of ICV NPFF may involve oxytocin, as

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Alan G Watts

thyroid-stimulating hormone (TRF/TRH). Those for prolactin (dopamine, a release-inhibiting factor), ACTH (CRF/CRH), and growth hormone (GRF/GHRH and somatostatin) were identified at various times during the following decade. The structures of oxytocin and

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Emma M Roberts, Michael J F Newson, George R Pope, Rainer Landgraf, Stephen J Lolait, and Anne-Marie O'Carroll

neurohypophysis and form the hypothalamo-neurohypophysial tract ( Antunes-Rodrigues et al . 2004 ). The HNS is the primary source of AVP and the related peptide oxytocin (OT) that are secreted into the systemic circulation from neurones terminating in the

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Bin Liu and Lydia A Arbogast

is not clear whether P 4 administration recruits nondopaminergic factors. However, a recent study ( Kennett et al . 2009 ) indicates that while an oxytocin antagonist blocks the E 2 -induced prolactin surge, the oxytocin antagonist does not block

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Riccardo Dore, Luka Levata, Sogol Gachkar, Olaf Jöhren, Jens Mittag, Hendrik Lehnert, and Carla Schulz

) and plasma ( Stengel et al. 2009 b ). The central NUCB2/nesfatin-1 system was reported to interact with the melanocortin system ( Oh-I et al. 2006 , Yosten & Samson 2009 , 2014 ), oxytocin ( Maejima et al. 2009 , Yosten & Samson 2010 , 2014

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S E Ulbrich, S Rehfeld, S Bauersachs, E Wolf, R Rottmayer, S Hiendleder, M Vermehren, F Sinowatz, H H D Meyer, and R Einspanier

frequency and amplitude of motility around oestrus ( Bennett et al. 1988 ). Therefore, several mediators of contraction could be involved in this regulation, influencing or orchestrating the NOS expression in the oviduct, namely, oestradiol, oxytocin

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A Glover and S J Assinder

, Boer GJ & Pickering BT 1991 Testicular oxytocin: effects of intratesticular oxytocin in the rat. Journal of Endocrinology 130 231 –238. Ohkawa H , Ohishi N & Yagi K 1979 Assay for lipid peroxides in animal tissues by

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Y Takei, H Hashimoto, K Inoue, T Osaki, K Yoshizawa-Kumagaye, M Tsunemi, T X Watanabe, M Ogoshi, N Minamino, and Y Ueta

. British Journal of Pharmacology 126 280 – 284 . Hashimoto H Hyodo S Kawasaki M Mera T Soya A Saito T Fujihara H Takei Y Ueta Y 2005 Centrally administered adrenomedullin 2 activates hypothalamic oxytocin – secreting neurons causing

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Linah Al-Alem, Phillip J Bridges, Wen Su, Ming C Gong, Marc Iglarz, and CheMyong Ko

facilitate transportation to the site of fertilization, the lower portion of the ampulla ( Garcia-Pascual et al. 1996 , Talbot et al. 2003 ). Several hormones have been identified that can affect oviductal contractility, including oxytocin

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Eugen Brailoiu, Siok L Dun, G Cristina Brailoiu, Keisuke Mizuo, Larry A Sklar, Tudor I Oprea, Eric R Prossnitz, and Nae J Dun

hypothalamic sections were incubated with either oxytocin (OT) antibody (1:1000, a monoclonal antibody from Chemicon, Tamecula, CA, USA) or vasopressin (VP) antiserum (1:1500, a guinea pig polyclonal antibody from Chemicon); medullary sections were incubated