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Yeon Jean Cho, Jiyeun E Lee, Mi Jin Park, Bert W O’Malley, and Sang Jun Han

indicated expression plasmids. For the determination of ERβ transcriptional activity, estradiol (10 −8  M) was added to cells 24 h following transfection and incubated for another 24 h. The cells were harvested, and the luciferase activity was determined and

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Kuladip Jana, Xiangling Yin, Randolph B Schiffer, Jau-Jiin Chen, Akhilesh K Pandey, Douglas M Stocco, Paula Grammas, and XingJia Wang

 μM chrysin enhanced cAMP-induced StAR protein expression concomitantly with the increase in testosterone production ( Fig. 2 ). Chrysin-enhanced StAR gene transcription Luciferase assay of StAR promoter activity and RT-PCR analysis of StAR mRNA levels

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Jung-Hoon Kang, Seo-Yoon Chang, Hyun-Jong Jang, Dong-Bin Kim, Gyeong Ryul Ryu, Seung Hyun Ko, In-Kyung Jeong, Yang-Hyeok Jo, and Myung-Jun Kim

mRNA, we analyzed the effect of EX-4 on the iNOS promoter activity since the iNOS gene induction is traditionally regulated by the transactivation of iNOS promoter through primary transcription factors including NF-κB ( Kleinert et al . 2004

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Laura Fozzatti, María L Vélez, Ariel M Lucero, Juan P Nicola, Iván D Mascanfroni, Daniela R Macció, Claudia G Pellizas, Germán A Roth, and Ana M Masini-Repiso

-specific gene expression. NOS inhibition increased the TSH-stimulated TG promoter activity In order to analyse whether the NO-mediated negative effect on TG mRNA expression could involve a transcriptional mechanism, we

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Massimo Zerani, Cristiano Boiti, Danilo Zampini, Gabriele Brecchia, Cecilia Dall’Aglio, Piero Ceccarelli, and Anna Gobbetti

-Rf ( Sweeney 2002 , Zabeau et al. 2003 ). Ob-Rb, the receptor single long form, includes a long intracellular domain (302 amino acids) that activates the janus kinase (JAK)/signal transducer and activator of transcription (STAT) ( Baumann et al. 1996

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Alfonso Saera-Vila, Josep Alvar Calduch-Giner, and Jaume Pérez-Sánchez

essential for the activity of most Inr promoters ( Smale 1997 , Smale & Kadonaga 2003 ). This may be the case of the two gilthead sea bream GHRs, which have retained Inr and DPEs surrounding the transcription start site. Typically, TATA

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Iain R Thompson, Annisa N Chand, Kim C Jonas, Jacky M Burrin, Mark E Steinhelper, Caroline P Wheeler-Jones, Craig A McArdle, and Robert C Fowkes

CNP respectively; * P <0.05). Collectively, these data suggest that there are different downstream targets of CNP in αT3-1 and LβT2 cells, some of which lead to an increase in αGSU gene transcription. Figure 8 (A–C) CNP stimulates promoter activity of

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Toshiaki Ishizuka, Takashi Hinata, and Yasuhiro Watanabe

mouse MSCs to increase the expression and secretion of VEGF ( Kinnaird et al . 2004 b , Wang et al . 2007 ). Hypoxia-inducible gene transcription is regulated by hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1), which is essential for adaptive cellular responses to

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Noriko Tagawa, Ryosuke Yuda, Sayaka Kubota, Midori Wakabayashi, Yuko Yamaguchi, Daisuke Kiyonaga, Natsuko Mori, Erika Minamitani, Hiroaki Masuzaki, and Yoshiharu Kobayashi

activity Steroid receptors have traditionally been thought of as nuclear receptors, which exert their function as transcription factors. Recently, it has been accepted that ER α exists and functions as a non-traditional G-protein-coupled receptor at the

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Cesidio Giuliani, Ines Bucci, Valeria Montani, Dinah S Singer, Fabrizio Monaco, Leonard D Kohn, and Giorgio Napolitano

. Both C10 and MMI affect MHC class-I promoter activity by targeting a region within 168 bp of transcription initiation. Moreover, we have shown here that these actions of MMI and C10 mimic the actions of TSH/cAMP on MHC class-I gene expression. Indeed