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Sonnet S Jonker, Daniel Kamna, Dan LoTurco, Jenai Kailey and Laura D Brown

expression of hypoxia-responsive genes . Journal of the American Heart Association 3 e000531 . ( ) 25085511 Botting KJ Loke XY Zhang S Andersen JB Nyengaard JR Morrison JL 2018 IUGR decreases cardiomyocyte

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Zhenguang Zhang, Agnes E Coutinho, Tak Yung Man, Tiina M J Kipari, Patrick W F Hadoke, Donald M Salter, Jonathan R Seckl and Karen E Chapman

associated with reduced adipose tissue hypoxia and inflammation ( Michailidou et al . 2012 ) and in cutaneous surgical wounds, where it is associated with improved wound repair ( Small et al . 2005 ). Here, we have generated mice deficient in 11β-HSD1 in

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J Patel, K Landers, H Li, R H Mortimer and K Richard

– 570 doi:10.1677/joe.0.1750553 . Patel J Landers K Mortimer RH Richard K 2010 Regulation of hypoxia inducible factors (HIF) in hypoxia and normoxia during placental development . Placenta 31 951 – 957 doi:10

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M A J Hervé, G Meduri, F G Petit, T S Domet, G Lazennec, S Mourah and M Perrot-Applanat

related to the vascular bed type ( Ferrara et al. 2003 ). Factors regulating Flk-1/KDR expression in vivo in endothelial cells are not clearly defined. In tumors, Flk-1/KDR appears to be regulated by hypoxia, an effect probably mediated by VEGF

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J-W Jeong, K Y Lee, J P Lydon and F J DeMayo

), calbindin-D9K ( Nie et al. 2000 ), Indian hedgehog ( Ihh ) ( Takamoto et al. 2002 ), hypoxia-inducible factor 1 ( Hif1a ; Daikoku et al. 2003 ) and immune-responsive gene 1 ( Irg1 ) ( Cheon et al. 2003 ). These target genes have been identified by

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Jing Li, Pan-Pan Zhao, Ting Hao, Dan Wang, Yu Wang, Yang-Zi Zhu, Yu-Qing Wu and Cheng-Hua Zhou

of Neuroscience Methods 53 55 – 63 . ( doi:10.1016/0165-0270(94)90144-9 ) Chiu CZ Wang BW Shyu KG 2014 Angiotensin II and the JNK pathway mediate urotensin II expression in response to hypoxia in rat cardiomyocytes . Journal of

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Masahiro Ogawa, Tomoya Kitakaze, Naoki Harada and Ryoichi Yamaji

Inui H Nakano Y 2011 Kelch-like 20 up-regulates the expression of hypoxia-inducible factor-2α through hypoxia- and von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor protein-independent regulatory mechanisms . Biochemical and Biophysical Research

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M Shimizu, J T Dickey, H Fukada and W W Dickhoff

, stage and/or physiologic condition. Expression of fish IGFBP-1 is influenced by fasting and hypoxia ( Gracey et al. 2001 , Maures & Duan 2002 ). In the present study, we found that expression of 22 kDa IGFBP in the liver was influenced by possible

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Zhenhua Li, Tao Zhang, Hongyan Dai, Guanghui Liu, Haibin Wang, Yingying Sun, Yun Zhang and Zhiming Ge

+ depletion, ischemia, hypoxia, exposure to free radicals, elevated protein synthesis, hyperhomocysteine, and gene mutation. Several signaling pathways are initiated to cope with ERS, which are designated as the unfolded protein response (UPR; Bernales et al

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Joyce Emons, Andrei S Chagin, Torun Malmlöf, Magnus Lekman, Åsa Tivesten, Claes Ohlsson, Jan M Wit, Marcel Karperien and Lars Sävendahl

-induced recruitment of both estrogen receptor alpha and hypoxia-inducible factor 1 to the vascular endothelial growth factor promoter . Molecular Endocrinology 19 2006 – 2019 . Kember NF Cell kinetics and the control of bone growth Acta Paediatrica 82 Suppl