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Darryl L Hadsell, Walter Olea, Nicole Lawrence, Jessy George, Daniel Torres, Takahashi Kadowaki, and Adrian V Lee

weight gain on the Irs null dams, milk samples and mammary tissue were collected on day 10 post partum . Both the amount of milk recovered after oxytocin injection, and the wet weights of the number 4 mammary glands were significantly lower ( P < 0

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Thomas M Braxton, Dionne E A Sarpong, Janine L Dovey, Anne Guillou, Bronwen A J Evans, Juan M Castellano, Bethany E Keenan, Saja Baraghithy, Sam L Evans, Manuel Tena-Sempere, Patrice Mollard, Joseph Tam, and Timothy Wells

growing evidence for impaired oxytocin signalling in mouse models for PWS ( Schaller et al. 2010 ), further analysis should investigate the potentially negative impact of oxytocin loss on the skeletal phenotype ( Elabd et al. 2008 ). A potential

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George Fink

anterior pituitary hormones as well as the regulation of the neurohypophysial hormones vasopressin and oxytocin. In this Thematic Review, I outline some aspects of the neurohumoral control of anterior pituitary (adenohypophysial) hormone secretion

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Andrés Quintanar-Stephano, Roberto Chavira-Ramírez, Kalman Kovacs, and Istvan Berczi

. 1996 ). In rats with PSC, VP and oxytocin are transported via the newly formed neurohumoral connections from the remnants of the neural lobe axons to the long portal vessels ( Makara et al. 1995 , 1996 ). We have found that humoral (agglutinin

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Kok-Min Seow, Jyun-Lin Lee, Ming-Luen Doong, Seng-Wong Huang, Jiann-Loung Hwang, Wei-Ju Huang, Full-Young Chang, Low-Tone Ho, and Chi-Chang Juan

gastrointestinal motility by estradiol in ovariectomized rats . Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 37 1133 – 1139 . ( doi:10.1080/003655202760373326 ) Wu CL Hung CR Chang FY Pau KY Wang PS 2003 Pharmacological effects of oxytocin on gastric

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Seymour Reichlin

pituitary . Journal of the American Chemical Society 75 4880 – 4881 . ( doi:10.1021/ja01115a554 ) Du Vignaud V Ressier C Trippett S 1953b The sequence of amino acids in oxytocin, with a proposal for the structure of oxytocin . Journal of

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Madhusmita Misra and Anne Klibanski

Oxytocin is now known to have anorexigenic and bone anabolic effects ( Tamma et al . 2009 ), and oxytocin levels are lower in women with AN than controls and are associated with lower BMD ( Lawson et al . 2011 b ). Fig. 6 summarizes the various hormonal

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J L Crawford, B P Thomson, M F Beaumont, and D C Eckery

, Berghorn et al. 2001 ). Communication between the pituitary and mammary glands is probable in the brushtail possum considering that sensitivity to oxytocin, a pituitary-derived hormone responsible for the effective ‘let-down’ of milk from the mammary

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Roza Benabdesselam, Latifa Dorbani-Mamine, Ouahiba Benmessaoud-Mesbah, Alvaro Rendon, Sakina Mhaouty-Kodja, and Hélène Hardin-Pouzet

nitric oxide synthase (NOS) gene expression together with nos activity in the rat hypothalamo-hypophysial system after chronic salt loading: evidence of a neuromodulatory role of nitric oxide in arginine vasopressin and oxytocin secretion . Endocrinology

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Hiroshi Nagano, Yuki Sobue, Hayato Matsuyama, Shoichiro Saito, Hiroki Sakai, Firoj Alom, Yasuyuki Tanahashi, Toshiaki Ishii, and Toshihiro Unno

CM Monesi N de Oliveira-Pelegrin GR Passos GA Rocha MJA 2007 Time course of c-fos, vasopressin and oxytocin mRNA expression in the hypothalamus following long-term dehydration . Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology 27 575 – 584 . ( https