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Wenpeng Dong, Ye Jia, Xiuxia Liu, Huan Zhang, Tie Li, Wenlin Huang, Xudong Chen, Fuchun Wang, Weixia Sun, and Hao Wu

, the effect of HDAC inhibition by NaB may facilitate transcription factors to bind the promotor region of the Nrf2 gene, which may concequently lead to Nrf2 gene transcription. To further confirm the inhibitory effect of NaB on HDAC activity, we

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J G Miquet, A I Sotelo, A Bartke, and D Turyn

tyrosine-kinase JAK2 and downstream signaling pathways, the signal transducer and activator of transcription-5 (STAT5) being one of the major GH-signaling mediators ( Zhu et al. 2001 ). The control of JAK2 kinase activity is a crucial point of GH

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Birgitte N Friedrichsen, Nicole Neubauer, Ying C Lee, Vivian K Gram, Niels Blume, Jacob S Petersen, Jens H Nielsen, and Annette Møldrup

-binding activity of the transcription factor pancreatic and duodenal homeobox gene 1 (PDX-1), has been suggested to play a role in GLP-1 induced DNA-synthesis and regulation of both the insulin gene and genes encoding metabolic enzymes ( Buteau et al. 1999 ). In

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Guénaëlle Levallet, Jérôme Levallet, and Pierre-Jacques Bonnamy

subunit did not account for the changes in particulate PP2A immunoreactive expression and activity observed in our experiments. Figure 7 Lack of transcriptional regulation of (A) Pp2a-C α and (B) Pp2a-C β expression by FSH in untreated and chlorate

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Kenshiro Shikano, Eiko Iwakoshi-Ukena, Takaya Saito, Yuki Narimatsu, Atsuki Kadota, Megumi Furumitsu, George E Bentley, Lance J Kriegsfeld, and Kazuyoshi Ukena

locomotor activity levels, further contributing to overall energy balance ( Heilig & Murison 1987 , Tang-Christensen et al. 2004 , Huo et al. 2009 ). Disruption in the balance between feeding and energy consumption contributes to obesity. As the

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Ying-Ying Tsai, William E Rainey, and Wendy B Bollag

-hydroxylation and subsequent oxidation to yield an aldehyde. CYP11B1, on the other hand, produces cortisol in the zona fasciculata. Various studies suggest that StAR activity is regulated at the transcriptional, translational and post

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Aline Cordeiro, Luana Lopes Souza, Marcelo Einicker-Lamas, and Carmen Cabanelas Pazos-Moura

transcriptional activity than TR/TR homodimerisation ( Oetting & Yen 2007 ). Beyond physical interaction, TR and other nuclear receptors depend on the same cofactors and corepressors to modulate gene expression and sometimes compete for the same DNA binding site

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Zhen Yang, Chunming Guo, Ping Zhu, Wenjiao Li, Leslie Myatt, and Kang Sun

cortisol (0.1 μM)-induced promoter activity of −84 bp (Fig. 6 , bottom panel), suggesting that C/ EBPs, possibly secondary to GR activation, were the transcription factor responsible for cortisol’s induction in the region downstream to −84 bp and upstream

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Hiromi Adachi, Yasumasa Takemoto, Takashi Bungo, and Takeshi Ohkubo

transcription (STAT) signal transduction pathway. Following leptin binding, LEPR-associated JAK rapidly phosphorylates STAT1 and STAT3 ( Baumann et al . 1996 , Ghilardi et al . 1996 , Rosenblum et al . 1996 ). The phosphorylated STATs form homo- or

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Yarikipati Prathibha and Balasubramanian Senthilkumaran

-transfection assays were performed with wild or mutant (for Pax2 site) wnt5 promoter construct with Pax2 expression plasmids (pcDNA-Pax2Fr) to further confirm the role of transcription factor Pax2 in the activation of wnt5 promoter. The promoter activity was