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Anne-Marie O'Carroll, Stephen J Lolait, Louise E Harris, and George R Pope

affect cardiac hypertrophy. G protein-coupling of APJ APJ was originally hypothesised to couple to G i/o based on initial experiments showing that forskolin-stimulated cAMP production is suppressed by apelin-13 ( Tatemoto et al . 1998 ). This coupling

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Elizabeth K Fletcher, Monica Kanki, James Morgan, David W Ray, Lea M Delbridge, Peter J Fuller, Colin D Clyne, and Morag J Young

tissue circadian clock, which in turn impacts cardiac inflammation, fibrosis, hypertrophy and the response to ischaemia. Supplementary data This is linked to the online version of the paper at

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Isis Gabrielli Barbieri de Oliveira, Marcos Divino Ferreira Junior, Paulo Ricardo Lopes, Dhiogenes Balsanufo Taveira Campos, Marcos Luiz Ferreira-Neto, Eduardo Henrique Rosa Santos, Paulo Cezar de Freitas Mathias, Flávio Andrade Francisco, Bruna Del Vechio Koike, Carlos Henrique de Castro, André Henrique Freiria-Oliveira, Gustavo Rodrigues Pedrino, Rodrigo Mello Gomes, and Daniel Alves Rosa

Clock Δ19/Δ19 ( King et al. 1997 , Gekakis 1998 ), known to showing locomotor activity disrupt, can also typically show development of cardiac disturbances, including increased heart weight, cardiomyocyte hypertrophy, interstitial fibrosis and

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Alexander Hennebry, Jenny Oldham, Tea Shavlakadze, Miranda D Grounds, Philip Sheard, Marta L Fiorotto, Shelley Falconer, Heather K Smith, Carole Berry, Ferenc Jeanplong, Jeremy Bracegirdle, Kenneth Matthews, Gina Nicholas, Mônica Senna-Salerno, Trevor Watson, and Christopher D McMahon

increased muscle size (hypertrophy) in young mice ( Lupu et al. 2001 ). Locally produced IGF1 is now considered to have the predominant influence on growth of tissues and organs as was convincingly demonstrated when liver-specific deletion of Igf1 failed

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A M Solomon and P M G Bouloux

-twitch (type II) fibres further subdivided into type IIa and type IIb according to energy utilisation (although type IIb in humans is somewhat homologous to a further type IIx found in rodents). Testosterone induces hypertrophy of both type I and type II fibres

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Joan Villarroya, Rubén Cereijo, Aleix Gavaldà-Navarro, Marion Peyrou, Marta Giralt, and Francesc Villarroya

Redondo I Hondares E Vinciguerra M Munts C Iglesias R Gabrielli LA Sitges M Giralt M van Bilsen M , et al . 2013 Fibroblast growth factor 21 protects against cardiac hypertrophy in mice . Nature Communications 2019 . ( https

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Zhenhua Li, Tao Zhang, Hongyan Dai, Guanghui Liu, Haibin Wang, Yingying Sun, Yun Zhang, and Zhiming Ge

from the apical four-chamber view. For each measurement, data from three consecutive cardiac cycles were averaged. All measurements were made from digital images captured at the time of the study by use of inherent analysis software (Sonos 5500 software

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Masahiro Ogawa, Tomoya Kitakaze, Naoki Harada, and Ryoichi Yamaji

growth of skeletal muscle is achieved by either extensive fusion of myoblasts with the growing myofibers (hyperplasia) or an increase in the size of individual myofibers (hypertrophy) ( White et al . 2010 ). In mice, hyperplasia stops around 3 weeks

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Elisa Keating, Ana Correia-Branco, João R Araújo, Manuela Meireles, Rita Fernandes, Luísa Guardão, João T Guimarães, Fátima Martel, and Conceição Calhau

, indicative of cardiac hypertrophy, in at 3 and 13 months of age in female offspring of dams exposed to HFA. As cardiac hypertrophy is an important feature of diabetic cardiomyopathy (DCM) ( Nunes et al . 2013 ), we speculate that perigestational exposure to

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Jennifer J DuPont and Iris Z Jaffe

development of these novel mouse models along with mice in which human MR is specifically overexpressed in ECs has shed light on the direct and specific role of vascular SMC- or EC-MR in blood pressure control, aging, vascular remodeling, inflammation, cardiac