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Peter Kolkhof and Lars Bärfacker

1942, he reported that desoxycorticosterone (as the acetate, DOCA), a precursor of aldosterone that was crystallized a decade later, induces nephrosclerosis accompanied by cardiac hypertrophy in animals ( Selye 1942 ). Later, Selye found that

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Shui-lin Sun and Liang-ming Liu

cardiac function and attenuated cardiac hypertrophy in experimental heart failure . European Journal of Pharmacology 799 94 – 102 . ( ) 10.1016/j.ejphar.2017.02.003 28163023 Onat AM Turkbeyler IH Pehlivan

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Sushil K Mahata, Hong Zheng, Sumana Mahata, Xuefei Liu, and Kaushik P Patel

A Hein L Gilsbach R 2011 Chronic cardiac pressure overload induces adrenal medulla hypertrophy and increased catecholamine synthesis . Basic Research in Cardiology 106 591 – 602 . ( doi:10.1007/s00395-011-0166-z ) Sengupta D

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Cássio M Villicev, Fatima R S Freitas, Marcelo S Aoki, Cássio Taffarel, Thomas S Scanlan, Anselmo S Moriscot, Miriam O Ribeiro, Antonio C Bianco, and Cecília H A Gouveia

×T3 resulted in cardiac hypertrophy, characterised by an increase in the dry mass of the heart (33 and 46% vs control respectively), while GC-1 treatment had no effect. Discussion The present study shows that treatment

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Rebecca M Reynolds and Adrienne Gordon

not completely understood, data from animal models, support a causal relationship between in utero exposure to maternal obesity and pathological left ventricular cardiac hypertrophy, hypertension and impaired systolic and diastolic function in the

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Laura D Brown

results in the withdrawal of myoblasts from the cell cycle and subsequent fusion into myotubes. Myotube maturation and hypertrophy are stimulated by growth factors, amino acids, and stretch/load activity ( Molkentin & Olson 1996 , Yang & Makita 1996

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Kayte A Jenkin, Lannie O'Keefe, Anna C Simcocks, Esther Grinfeld, Michael L Mathai, Andrew J McAinch, and Deanne H Hryciw

as a therapeutic for obesity-linked nephropathy in a model that contains a functional leptin signalling pathway. Our group has previously established that the CB 1 antagonist, AM251, significantly reduces proximal tubule hypertrophy in cultured HK2

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Clara Lefranc, Malou Friederich-Persson, Roberto Palacios-Ramirez, and Aurelie Nguyen Dinh Cat

the number (hyperplasia) and/or size (hypertrophy) of the adipocytes. Such remodeling determines the CV and metabolic outcomes of the disease ( Spiegelman & Flier 1996 ). Progenitor cells (pre-adipocytes) are eight-fold more abundant in scWAT than vWAT

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Fiona Roberts, Greg Markby, Scott Dillon, Colin Farquharson, and Vicky E MacRae

JM David V , et al . 2015 Activation of cardiac fibroblast growth factor receptor 4 causes left ventricular hypertrophy . Cell Metabolism 22 1020 – 1032 . ( ) Gurley KA Chen H Guenther C

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Catalina Sierra-Ramos, Silvia Velazquez-Garcia, Arianna Vastola-Mascolo, Guadalberto Hernández, Nourdine Faresse, and Diego Alvarez de la Rosa

)-induced model of obesity and glucose intolerance. Our results demonstrated exacerbated body weight gain due to fat accumulation, adipocyte hypertrophy, dyslipidemia and hyperinsulinemia, prominent glucose and insulin intolerance and a rapid development of