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Romain Fontaine, Eirill Ager-Wick, Kjetil Hodne, and Finn-Arne Weltzien

reported allometric growth of different organs in relation to body size during development ( Osse & Boogaart 1995 , Van Snik et al . 1997 , Huysentruyt et al . 2009 ). In medaka, we observed a correlation between pituitary length and brain size in

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Marumi Osuna, Yokiko Sonobe, Eisuke Itakura, Sukumar Devnath, Takako Kato, Yukio Kato, and Kinji Inoue

formation of Rathke's pouch . Development 128 959 – 963 . Laywell ED Rakic P Kukekov VG Holland EC Steindler DA 2000 Identification of a multipotent astrocytic stem cell in the immature and adult mouse brain . PNAS 97 13883 – 13888

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Local control of thyroid hormone action: role of type 2 deiodinase

Deiodinases: the balance of thyroid hormone

Graham R Williams and J H Duncan Bassett

neurological damage resulting from DIO2 deficiency and also show that alternative sources of T 3 can access the brain during development ( Galton et al . 2007 ). These compensatory sources are not likely to involve increased transport mediated by MCT8 because

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Katie Wynne, Sarah Stanley, Barbara McGowan, and Steve Bloom

initiate or terminate a meal and hormones which reflect body adiposity and energy balance. These signals are integrated by peripheral nerves and brain centres, such as the hypothalamus and brain stem. The integrated signals regulate central neuropeptides

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S-Y Chan, J A Franklyn, H N Pemberton, J N Bulmer, T J Visser, C J McCabe, and M D Kilby

are critically dependent upon an intact MCT8 transporter system within the brain. Their heterozygote mothers do not display an abnormal neurological phenotype, but are characterized by mild perturbation of tests for thyroid function. Since development

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S Babic, M Pokusa, V Danevova, S T Ding, and D Jezova

( Jezova et al . 1995 , Neumann 2007 , Babygirija et al . 2012 ). Among the negative consequences of chronic stress exposure are changes in brain plasticity, with consequent development of psychopathologies and cognitive impairments ( Duncko et al

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Mathias V Schmidt, Claudia Liebl, Vera Sterlemann, Karin Ganea, Jakob Hartmann, Daniela Harbich, Stephanie Alam, and Marianne B Müller

. Developmental Brain Research 139 39 – 49 . Schmidt MV Enthoven L van der Mark M Levine S De Kloet ER Oitzl MS 2003a The postnatal development of the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis in the mouse . International Journal of Developmental

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Xiaoning Li, Junhua Xiao, Yating Fan, Kan Yang, Kai Li, Xin Wang, Yanhua Lu, and Yuxun Zhou

21 is a member of Tbr1 subfamily of T-box transcription factor genes that mainly regulate brain development. The expression of Tbx21 was detected in the olfactory bulbs (OBs) where GnRH neurons originated ( Mihalas & Hevner 2017 ). The Allen

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Leena Rastogi, Sushil Gupta, and Madan M Godbole

. 2006 , Rastogi et al . 2006 ). In contrast, thyrotoxicosis causes oxidative damage in various tissues such as the liver, heart, and brain of the rats ( Adamo et al . 1989 ). The risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease is greater in hyperthyroid

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Poulomi Bhattacharya, Yi Lin Yan, John Postlethwait, and David A Rubin

development and then showed widespread expression in zygotes that gradually become constrained to the heart and otic vesicles and to the forebrain–midbrain boundary close to gnrh2 -expressing cells, suggesting roles in early brain ( Blind et al . 2003