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Georgina G J Hazell, Song T Yao, James A Roper, Eric R Prossnitz, Anne-Marie O'Carroll, and Stephen J Lolait

hormone release and development. Whether E 2 initiates responses through GPR30 alone or in concert with the other E 2 receptors (e.g. in regions of co-expression) has yet to be investigated, but the cellular distribution of GPR30 in the brain and

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Anshu Gupta, Malathi Srinivasan, Supaporn Thamadilok, and Mulchand S Patel

-2 null mice exhibited abnormal neuron development and brain growth ( Schubert et al . 2003 ) and it is predominantly distributed in brain areas regulating energy homeostasis ( Pardini et al . 2006 ). Also, STAT-3 is known to maintain neural

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Melody L Allensworth-James, Angela Odle, Anessa Haney, Melanie MacNicol, Angus MacNicol, and Gwen Childs

expansion ( Cao et al. 2016 ). Leptin plays an important role in brain development and is detectable as early as E12.5 despite low levels of white adipose tissue ( Bouret 2010 ). LEPRs are detected in the developing brain as early as embryonic day 10

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J C Sousa, G Morreale de Escobar, P Oliveira, M J Saraiva, and J A Palha

thyroxine (T 4 ) and the retinol-binding protein–retinol complex. TTR synthesis is a phylogenetically conserved event ( Harms et al. 1991 ), and starts early during embryonic development. It has for a long time been suggested that TTR is involved in

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Folami Y Ideraabdullah, Anthony M Belenchia, Cheryl S Rosenfeld, Seth W Kullman, Megan Knuth, Debabrata Mahapatra, Michael Bereman, Edward D Levin, and Catherine A Peterson

offspring health such as low birth weight, poor skeletal health, impaired brain development, autoimmune disease, obesity and insulin resistance ( Krishnaveni et al. 2011 , Crozier et al. 2012 , Reichetzeder et al. 2014 , Hawes et al. 2015 , Gur

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Arturo Hernandez and M Elena Martinez

promoters ( Martinez et al . 2018 ). The majority of genes associated with the most profound promoter hypomethylation are specific to brain tissue and implicated in brain development ( Martinez et al . 2018 ) and may contribute to the behavioral

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H Nishimoto, R Matsutani, S Yamamoto, T Takahashi, K-G Hayashi, A Miyamoto, S Hamano, and M Tetsuka

Introduction The ovary is one of the most dynamic endocrine organs, and it nurtures the cyclic development of several follicles, maturation and ovulation of a selected follicle, and subsequent formation and function of the corpus

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Marcia S Wagner, Simone M Wajner, José M Dora, and Ana Luiza Maia

pituitary and brain D2 activity in C3H mice was about 50% lower than that in C57 animals ( Berry et al. 1993 ), which is attributed to the twofold increase in serum T 4 concentration. The D2 mRNA expression has not been evaluated in the C3H mouse. In the

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Ulrika Bergström, Charlotte Lindfors, Marie Svedberg, Jeanette E Johansen, Jenny Häggkvist, Martin Schalling, Rolf Wibom, Abram Katz, and Ida A K Nilsson

glucose uptake to occur ( Wong et al . 2011 )), mice were decapitated, and brain and liver were rapidly dissected out and frozen in ice-cold isopentane. The tissues were stored at −80°C. Blood glucose concentration was measured at the time of killing

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Dawid Szczepankiewicz, Ewa Pruszynska-Oszmalek, Przemyslaw Kaczmarek, Marek Skrzypski, Karolina Andralojc, Tatiana Wojciechowicz, Maciej Sassek, and Krzysztof W Nowak

Fetissov SO 2005 Maturation of the hypothalamic arcuate agouti-related protein system during postnatal development in the mouse . Brain Research Developmental Brain Research 155 147 – 154 . Ollmann MM Wilson BD Yang YK Kerns JA Chen Y