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James M Evans, Laura S Morris, and Julian R Marchesi

gut microbiota plays a role in the development of type 1 diabetes ( Wen et al . 2008 ). In this study, the islets of Langherans of germ-free, specific pathogen-free and altered Schaedler flora ( Dewhirst et al . 1999 ) Myd88 knockout NOD mice were

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Noèlia Téllez and Eduard Montanya

.3727/096368908786092775 ) Suarez-Pinzon WL Power RF Yan Y Wasserfall C Atkinson M Rabinovitch A 2008b Combination therapy with glucagon-like peptide-1 and gastrin restores normoglycemia in diabetic NOD mice . Diabetes 57 3281 – 3288 . ( doi:10.2337/db08

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Manesh Chittezhath, Cho M M Wai, Vanessa S Y Tay, Minni Chua, Sarah R Langley, and Yusuf Ali

Resident macrophages of pancreatic islets have a seminal role in the initiation of autoimmune diabetes of NOD mice . PNAS 114 E10418 – E10427 . ( ) Carter JD Dula SB Corbin KL Wu R Nunemaker CS 2009

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Jian Ma, Xin He, Yan Cao, Kienan O’Dwyer, Katherine M Szigety, Yuan Wu, Buddha Gurung, Zijie Feng, Bryson W Katona, and Xianxin Hua

:// ) Rui J Deng S Lebastchi J Clark PL Usmani-Brown S Herold KC 2016 Methylation of insulin DNA in response to proinflammatory cytokines during the progression of autoimmune diabetes in NOD mice

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Stephen C Hanley, Béatrice Assouline-Thomas, Julia Makhlin, and Lawrence Rosenberg

therapy with epidermal growth factor and gastrin increases beta-cell mass and reverses hyperglycemia in diabetic NOD mice . Diabetes 54 2596 – 2601 . doi:10.2337/diabetes.54.9.2596 . Vinter-Jensen L Juhl CO Teglbjaerg PS Poulsen SS Dajani

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Jia Fang Wang and David J Hill

expressed the early transcription factor marker of endocrine and acinar cell commitment, PDX-1. Similar results were found for islet progenitor cells that budded from cultured ductal monolayers derived from adult NOD mice ( Ramiya et al . 2000 ). We found

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G Burnstock and I Novak

centres of islets to replace the lost β-cells in both STZ-diabetic rats and NOD mice ( Coutinho-Silva et al . 2003 , 2007 ). A study has shown that P2X 7 receptors were expressed in β-cells (and also α-cells) and receptors were down-regulated in type 2

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Jennifer Chen and Jenny E Gunton

microencapsulated Sertoli cells reverses T1DM in NOD mice by inducing neogenesis of beta-cells . Transplantation 90 1352 – 1357 ( ) Maffi P Berney T Nano R Niclauss N Bosco D Melzi R Mercalli A

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Maria Petropavlovskaia, Julia Makhlin, John Sampalis, and Lawrence Rosenberg

patient with new-onset type I diabetes and acts as T-cell autoantigen in NOD mice. Diabetes 51 339 –346. Hamamoto N , Ashizawa N, Niigaki M, Kaji T, Katsube T, Endoh H, Watanabe M, Sumi S & Kinoshita Y 2002 Morphological

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Mohammed Bensellam, Jean-Christophe Jonas, and D Ross Laybutt

metallothionein overexpression in β-cells, while reducing cytokine-induced ROS generation, accelerated diabetes onset in male NOD mice in association with increased β-cell death and reduced PDX1 protein levels ( Li et al . 2006 a ). It should be emphasized here