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Gabriel Forn-Cuní, Monica Varela, Conrado M Fernández-Rodríguez, Antonio Figueras, and Beatriz Novoa

parameters ( Subramanian et al . 2005 ). Obesity-related datasets were retrieved from published studies: zebrafish DIO (GSE18566) ( Oka et al . 2010 ), rat DIO (GSE8700) ( Li et al . 2008 ), mice DIO (GSE11790) ( Poussin et al . 2008 ), and human

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L Zhao, Z Li, M Kullin, L A H Borg, and F A Karlsson

) 51 –57. Atkinson MA , Maclaren NK & Luchetta R 1990 Insulitis and diabetes in NOD mice reduced by prophylactic insulin therapy. Diabetes 39 933 –937. Bergsten P , Gylfe E, Wesslén N

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Gabriele Wolf, Nicole Aumann, Marta Michalska, Antje Bast, Jürgen Sonnemann, James F Beck, Uwe Lendeckel, Philip Newsholme, and Reinhard Walther

that PrxI expression was dramatically reduced in the islets of diabetogenic NOD mice (data not shown). Here we investigated whether the mitochondrial thioredoxin-2–PRX III system could be helpful in preventing oxidative stress-induced damage or

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Manesh Chittezhath, Cho M M Wai, Vanessa S Y Tay, Minni Chua, Sarah R Langley, and Yusuf Ali

Resident macrophages of pancreatic islets have a seminal role in the initiation of autoimmune diabetes of NOD mice . PNAS 114 E10418 – E10427 . ( ) Carter JD Dula SB Corbin KL Wu R Nunemaker CS 2009

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L Bai, G Meredith, and B E Tuch

. Also, the cell population was not homogenous. When transplanted into NOD/SCID mice, all mice developed teratomas (data not shown), which display features of tissues arising from three germ layers. The novel strategy of our approach was the

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Jennifer Chen and Jenny E Gunton

Lundell RJ Rosa T Romano LC Zou B O’donnell CP et al . 2011 Glucose stimulates human beta cell replication in vivo in islets transplanted into NOD–severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) mice . Diabetologia 54 572 – 582 ( https

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Jennifer A Crookshank, Daniel Serrano, Gen-Sheng Wang, Christopher Patrick, Baylie S Morgan, Marie-France Paré, and Fraser W Scott

the rate-limiting enzyme in phospholipid biosynthesis, was downregulated 2.2 fold, similar to NOD mice ( Lindfors et al. 2009 ). Numerous genes associated with disease resistance were identified that were involved in islet function: Rgs2 , Cyth3

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Marion Régnier, Matthias Van Hul, Claude Knauf, and Patrice D Cani

In 2004, pioneering work from Jeffrey Gordon and his team showed that mice lacking a microbiota (i.e. germ-free mice) were characterized by specific energy metabolism and even resistance to diet-induced obesity ( Backhed et al. 2004 , 2007 ). In

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Aoife Kiely, Aisling Robinson, Neville H McClenaghan, Peter R Flatt, and Philip Newsholme

, muscle and liver tissues in mice and improved insulin action ( Tsukumo et al . 2007 ). Human adipocytes were demonstrated to have inducible TLR4 and TLR2 pathways further supporting the role that adipose tissue may play in the regulation of inflammation

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Pengli Bu, Shintaro Yagi, Kunio Shiota, S M Khorshed Alam, Jay L Vivian, Michael W Wolfe, M A Karim Rumi, Damayanti Chakraborty, Kaiyu Kubota, Pramod Dhakal, and Michael J Soares

/cByJ, BTBRT + tf/J, C3H/HeJ, CAST/EiJ, DBA/2J, FVB/NJ, KK/HIJ, NOD/LtJ, NZW/LacJ, PWD/PhJ, WSB/EiJ and SJL/J mouse strains were obtained from Dr Curtis Klaassen (University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS, USA). CD-1 mice and Brown Norway (BN) rats