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Benoit Cox, Emma Laporte, Annelies Vennekens, Hiroto Kobayashi, Charlotte Nys, Indra Van Zundert, Hiroshi Uji-i, Alizée Vercauteren Drubbel, Benjamin Beck, Heleen Roose, Matteo Boretto, and Hugo Vankelecom

, Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht, The Netherlands; Barker et al. 2007 ). Sox2eGFP mice, expressing enhanced GFP in SOX2 + cells ( Ellis et al. 2004 ), were used to sort SOX2 eGFPpos and SOX2 eGFPneg cells. To obtain Sox2CreERT2 +/− ;eYFP fl/− double

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Amanda L Gruver, Melissa S Ventevogel, and Gregory D Sempowski

, NC, USA). Lymphocyte isolation, flow cytometry, and cell sorting Thymus tissue was teased to a single-cell suspension through a 70 μm cell strainer (BD Labware) in tissue medium. Cells were centrifuged at 485 g for 5 min and resuspended in tissue

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Márta Szaszák, Hung-Dar Chen, Hao-Chia Chen, Albert Baukal, László Hunyady, and Kevin J Catt

1999 The leucine-based sorting motifs in the cytoplasmic domain of the invariant chain are recognized by the clathrin adaptors AP1 and AP2 and their medium chains . Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 36153 – 36158 . Hunyady L Catt KJ 2006

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Jorge Diaz, Evelyn Aranda, Soledad Henriquez, Marisol Quezada, Estefanía Espinoza, Maria Loreto Bravo, Bárbara Oliva, Soledad Lange, Manuel Villalon, Marius Jones, Jan J Brosens, Sumie Kato, Mauricio A Cuello, Todd P Knutson, Carol A Lange, Lisette Leyton, and Gareth I Owen

standardized this information for our analysis. PAR1 mRNA expression was investigated in breast tumors and sorted based on PR status (as provided in the metadata for each tumor sample, i.e. PR clinical immunohistochemistry (IHC) report, either positive or

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Michael G White, Hussain R Al-Turaifi, Graham N Holliman, Ali Aldibbiat, Aiman Mahmoud, and James A M Shaw

; M, mouse; R, rat; Cy3, cyanine 3; TR, Texas Red. Fluorescence-activated cell sorting Cells were fixed with 4% paraformaldehyde for 20 min, permeabilised by 1% saponin (Sigma–Aldrich) for 20 min and treated with blocking buffer for 30 min (all at room

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Katsumi Toda, Teruhiko Okada, Yoshihiro Hayashi, and Toshiji Saibara

invaginations that are decorated with clathrin coat lining over the cytoplasmic surface of the invaginating region, clathrin-coated vesicles, and vacuolar early sorting endosomes ( Hatae et al . 1986 a ). This component was observed in the WT, Ar −/− , and

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Rafaela Fadoni Alponti, Patricia Lucio Alves, and Paulo Flavio Silveira

protein sorting. In Molecular Biology of the Cell , 5th edn, pp 724–726. Eds M Anderson & S Granum. New York: Garland Science. Albiston AL Peck GR Yeatman HR Fernando R Ye S Chai SY 2007 Therapeutic targeting of insulin

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Berit Svendsen, Ramona Pais, Maja S Engelstoft, Nikolay B Milev, Paul Richards, Charlotte B Christiansen, Kristoffer L Egerod, Signe M Jensen, Abdella M Habib, Fiona M Gribble, Thue W Schwartz, Frank Reimann, and Jens J Holst

into fluorescence-positive and fluorescence-negative pools of cells using fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) as described ( Habib et al . 2012 ). The cells were sorted directly into lysis buffer (Ambion, Thermo Fisher Scientific,Waltham, MA

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Clare F Hodkinson, Ellen E A Simpson, John H Beattie, Jacqueline M O'Connor, David J Campbell, J J Strain, and Julie M W Wallace

further CD45RO or CD45RA T-lymphocyte subsets, see Fig. 1 a–d. The percentage of positive cells was reported as obtained from fluorescence activated cell sorter (FACS) analysis and absolute counts were calculated from the lymphocyte white blood cell

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L Zhao, Z Li, M Kullin, L A H Borg, and F A Karlsson

transport activity ( Oka et al. 1990 , Katagiri et al. 1992 ). The phosphorylation of the rat GLUT2 protein was demonstrated in cell sorter purified B-cells and was accompanied by a reduction of about 50% in the initial rate of glucose transport into