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Tatiana Ederich Lehnen, Rafael Marschner, Fernanda Dias, Ana Luiza Maia, and Simone Magagnin Wajner

thioredoxin in the heart increases oxidative stress and cardiac hypertrophy . Journal of Clinical Investigation 112 1395 – 1406 . ( ) 10.1172/JCI200317700

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Adam Gesing, Andrzej Bartke, and Michal M Masternak

anti-diabetic effects of TZDs ( Nawrocki et al . 2006 ). Furthermore, the suppressive effects of PIO on angiotensin II-induced cardiac hypertrophy, as were seen in wild-type mice, were diminished in adiponectin-deficient mice ( Li et al . 2010

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Danielle Brown, Amiya P Sinha Hikim, Ekaterina L Kovacheva, and Indrani Sinha-Hikim

Q Mollkentin JD 2003 Redefining the roles of p38 and JNK signaling in cardiac hypertrophy: dichotomy between cultured myocytes and animal models . Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 35 1385 – 1394 . Lin A Dibling B 2002

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Kely de Picoli Souza, Francemilson Goulart da Silva, and Maria Tereza Nunes

increased VW/BW ratio, anticipation of the DEO (11th day of life), and decreased T4 serum concentration (Table 1 and Fig. 3 ) are important physiological indications of the hyperthyroid state, considering the well-known effects of TH inducing cardiac

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Aiying Liu, Liping Gao, Shoulei Kang, Ying Liu, Chuanying Xu, Hong Sun, Dongye Li, and Changdong Yan

Collier ML Deng KY Jeyakumar LH Magnuson MA 2002 Oestrogen protects FKBP12.6 null mice from cardiac hypertrophy . Nature 6878 334 – 338 . doi:10.1038/416334a . Xu X De Pergola G Bjorntorp P 1991 Testosterone increases lipolysis

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Joan Villarroya, Rubén Cereijo, Aleix Gavaldà-Navarro, Marion Peyrou, Marta Giralt, and Francesc Villarroya

Redondo I Hondares E Vinciguerra M Munts C Iglesias R Gabrielli LA Sitges M Giralt M van Bilsen M , et al . 2013 Fibroblast growth factor 21 protects against cardiac hypertrophy in mice . Nature Communications 2019 . ( https

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Timothy C R Prickett, Graham K Barrell, Martin Wellby, Timothy G Yandle, A Mark Richards, and Eric A Espiner

from cardiac hypertrophy . Journal of Molecular Medicine 85 797 – 810 . Peralta JM Arnold AM Currie WB Thonney ML 1994 Effects of testosterone on skeletal growth in lambs as assessed by labeling index of chondrocytes in the metacarpal

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Vincent Ricchiuti, Christine G Lian, Eveline M Oestreicher, Loc Tran, James R Stone, Tham Yao, Ellen W Seely, Gordon H Williams, and Gail K Adler

. Cardiovascular Research 57 55 – 62 . Bueno OF De Windt LJ Tymitz KM Witt SA Kimball TR Klevitsky R Hewett TE Jones SP Lefer DJ Peng CF 2000 The MEK1-ERK1/2 signaling pathway promotes compensated cardiac hypertrophy in transgenic mice

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Ying-Ying Tsai, William E Rainey, and Wendy B Bollag

weights and inflammatory marker levels, mimicking the effects of a glucocorticoid (deoxycorticosterone), in an experimental rodent model of cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis ( Young et al . 2003 ). These results suggest that endogenous glucocorticoid

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Robson A S Santos, Anderson J Ferreira, Thiago Verano-Braga, and Michael Bader

concentration of this peptide 2.5-fold ( Botelho-Santos et al . 2007 ). In addition, these animals showed a slight, but significant, increase in daily and nocturnal dP/dt, more resistance to isoproterenol-induced cardiac hypertrophy, reduced duration of