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L Zhao, Z Li, M Kullin, L A H Borg, and F A Karlsson

transport activity ( Oka et al. 1990 , Katagiri et al. 1992 ). The phosphorylation of the rat GLUT2 protein was demonstrated in cell sorter purified B-cells and was accompanied by a reduction of about 50% in the initial rate of glucose transport into

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Charlotte Lawson, Jose M Vicencio, Derek M Yellon, and Sean M Davidson

budding and shedding from the plasma membrane of cells and therefore may contain specific surface markers from the cell of origin. Exosomes (50–100 nm) on the other hand originate intracellularly through a sorting pathway involving intermediate organelles

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John W Funder and Maria-Christina Zennaro

-receptor specificity-conferring mechanisms in epithelia, John Funder documents the context-dependent bivalent (agonist, antagonist) role of cortisol in MR, an unanticipated inverse agonist action of spironolactone on MR, and points to the sorts of studies that the next

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Sophie E Leney and Jeremy M Tavaré

localisation through a combination of slow exocytosis and rapid endocytosis. Additional studies in 3T3-L1 adipocytes have suggested that the slow recycling of GLUT4 is due to a dynamic sorting process that involves the continuous budding and fusion of GLUT4

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Juliana I Candelaria, Maria B Rabaglino, and Anna C Denicol

ubiquitin ligase 2 4 S100PBP 539983 S100P binding protein 4 DUSP1 539175 dual specificity phosphatase 1 4 SAMM50 618777 SAMM50 sorting and assembly machinery component 5 DYNLL2 540369 dynein light chain LC8-type 2 3

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Susana I Sá and Bruno M Fonseca

enhanced by its ability to promote post-estrous refractoriness, ending the estrous behavior and inducing a sort of reset of the neuronal circuitry involved in the regulation of female sexual behavior ( Parsons et al . 1981 , Mani & Oyola 2012 ). In a

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K Eerola, S Virtanen, L Vähätalo, L Ailanen, M Cai, V Hruby, M Savontaus, and E Savontaus

sorting sequences of pro-opiomelanocortin and the endogenous cleavage sites for appropriate intracellular processing. Enzymatic cleavage of the N-terminal POMC by protein convertases (PC) 1/3 and 2 produces γ 3 -MSH. The vector uses the vesicular

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Nan Li, James A Oakes, Karl-Heinz Storbeck, Vincent T Cunliffe, and Nils P Krone

sorted into groups with either dark or light pigmentation ( Fig. 1C ). Subsequent genotyping revealed over 90% of VBA-negative larvae were cyp11a2 −/− mutants (Supplementary Table 2). VBA-positive larvae were either wild-type or cyp11a2

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Joost J F P Luiken, D Margriet Ouwens, Daphna D J Habets, Gerard C M van der Zon, Will A Coumans, Robert W Schwenk, Arend Bonen, and Jan F C Glatz

bound to endosomal membranes, and is actively participating in the sorting of GLUT4 and CD36. Hence, PKC-ζ keeps the sorting machinery for both GLUT4 and CD36 in a pre-active state, so that an incoming insulin signal through PI3K and Akt/PKB, and

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Patricia Vázquez, Isabel Roncero, Enrique Blázquez, and Elvira Alvarez

Neurochemistry 67 1982 –1991. Ohno H , Stewart J, Fournier M-C, Bosshart H, Rhee I, Miyatake J, Saito T, Galluser A, Kirchhausen T & Bonifacino JS 1995 Interaction of tyrosine-based sorting signals with clathrin