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T Akamizu, T Murayama, S Teramukai, K Miura, I Bando, T Irako, H Iwakura, H Ariyasu, H Hosoda, H Tada, A Matsuyama, S Kojima, T Wada, Y Wakatsuki, K Matsubayashi, T Kawakita, A Shimizu, M Fukushima, M Yokode, and K Kangawa

hormone-IGF-1 axis. In Endocrinology of Aging , pp 23–44. Eds JE Morley & L van den Berg. Totowa, NJ, USA: Humana Press. Chapman IM 2004 Endocrinology of anorexia of ageing. Best Practice and Research. Clinical

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Mohammed S Razzaque and Beate Lanske

Mutation of the mouse klotho gene leads to a syndrome resembling ageing. Nature 390 45 –51. Lanske B & Razzaque MS 2007a Premature aging in klotho mutant mice: cause or consequence? Ageing Research Reviews 6 73 –79

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J S M Cuffe, E L Turton, L K Akison, H Bielefeldt-Ohmann, and K M Moritz

adrenal ‘plaque’ formation, which is associated with ageing, it is likely that the adrenal deficits have contributed to the renal and cardiovascular phenotypes previously reported in 12-month Cort-exposed male offspring. Although prenatal Cort exposure

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Tessa J Roseboom

function and diabetes results. While these early changes powerfully determine susceptibility, additional factors such as obesity, ageing, physical inactivity and possibly other processes leading to insulin resistance were thought to also play a role in

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Kevin J P Ryan, Zoe C T R Daniel, Lucinda J L Craggs, Tim Parr, and John M Brameld

during ageing and VitD deficiency, although infiltration by already committed adipocyte populations is also possible. VitD has been shown to play a key regulatory role in myogenesis and is likely to be important in muscle fibre repair ( Capiati et al

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Prabhakara R Nagareddy, Sunil K Noothi, Michelle C Flynn, and Andrew J Murphy

:// ) 8013533 10.1111/j.1365-2362.1994.tb02419.x Choi SH Kim JH Lim S Lim JY Kim KW Park KS Jang HC 2017 Monocyte count as a predictor of cardiovascular mortality in older Korean people . Age Ageing 46 433

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Yue Chen, Jeffrey D Zajac, and Helen E MacLean

Anatomy of the steroid receptor zinc finger region. Endocrine Reviews 13 129 –145. Goldspink G & Harridge SD 2004 Growth factors and muscle ageing. Experimental Gerontology 39 1433 –1438

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Daniel M Kelly and T Hugh Jones

haemodynamic flow through atherosclerotic vessels with stenosis, exacerbating clinical symptoms and perpetuating vascular dysfunction, which can also lead to vasospasm and, for example, worsening angina symptoms. The ageing blood vessel is less able to protect

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Stefan O Krechowec, Mark Vickers, Arieh Gertler, and Bernhard H Breier

& Ros M 2002 Long-term food restriction prevents ageing-associated central leptin resistance in wistar rats. Diabetologia 45 997 –1003. Frederich RC , Hamann A, Anderson S, Lollmann B, Lowell BB & Flier JS 1995 Leptin

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Clement K M Ho, Jyoti Nanda, Karen E Chapman, and Fouad K Habib

Introduction Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a common urological problem in ageing men; patients usually present with symptoms of lower urinary tract obstruction ( Uson et al . 1991 , Verhamme et al . 2002 ). The precise aetiology of this