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J M Mellado-Gil and M Aguilar-Diosdado

1995 Expression of apoptosis-inducing CD95 (Fas/Apo-1) on human beta-cells sorted by flow-cytometry and cultured in vitro. Transplantation Proccedings 27 3271 –3275. Stennicke HR & Salvesen GS 2000 Caspases

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R Wang, N Yashpal, F Bacchus, and J Li

-Kit-expressing cells can also be immuno-magnetically sorted from these monolayers and under the appropriate environmental cues can re-express insulin mRNA ( Wang et al. 2004 ). Interestingly, in this study, we have revealed that HGF enhances the proliferative

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Gayathri Swaminathan, Bentley Varghese, Chellappagounder Thangavel, Christopher J Carbone, Alexander Plotnikov, K G Suresh Kumar, Elizabeth M Jablonski, Charles V Clevenger, Vincent Goffin, Luqin Deng, Stuart J Frank, and Serge Y Fuchs

efficiency of both ubiquitination and endocytosis of PRLr, a detailed investigation of the role of PRLr ubiquitination in internalization and post-internalization sorting is warranted. However, considering a well-established role of SOCS proteins in

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Åsa Tivesten, Anna Barlind, Kenneth Caidahl, Natalia Klintland, Antonio Cittadini, Claes Ohlsson, and Jörgen Isgaard

supplementary Table in the online version of Journal of Endocrinology at ), showed a correlation coeffcient ( r ) of ≥0.75 or ≤−0.75. The 18 known genes could be sorted into different functional

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Sylvie Poncin, Ides M Colin, and Anne-Catherine Gérard

out the source and the type of intracellular ROS, and to sort out those resulting from aerobic metabolism as in every other organs, and those specifically involved in hormone synthesis. NAC may decrease cell OS, either directly, as a source of

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Roger Guillemin

Factors ’ for the Journal’s celebration of the introduction of the word ‘hormone’ by Ernest H Starling in his 1905 Croonian Lectures ( Starling 1905 a ). Then came a no less gracious letter from Julian Davis with all sorts of practical editing

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Elisabet Estil.les, Noèlia Téllez, Joan Soler, and Eduard Montanya

response to insulin resistance . PNAS 104 8977 – 8982 . Parnaud G Bisco D Berney T Pattou F Kerry-Conte J Donath MY Bruun C Mandrup-Poulsen T Billestrup N Halban PA 2008 Proliferation of sorted human and rat β

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Chun Zeng, Xin Yi, Danny Zipris, Hongli Liu, Lin Zhang, Qiaoyun Zheng, Krishnamurthy Malathi, Ge Jin, and Aimin Zhou

RNase L + / + and RNase L − / − mice (three mice per group) were treated with or without 25 μg LPS for each mouse every other day for a week. The splenic cells were subjected to cell sorting after labeling with CD4, CD8, B220, and IgD alone or in

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Kimberley D Katleba, Erin L Legacki, Alan J Conley, and Trish Berger

Sugihara K Shioda N Takahashi D Obata Y Furusawa Y Fujimura Y Yamashita T 2013 AP-1B-mediated protein sorting regulates polarity and proliferation of intestinal epithelial cells in mice . Gastroenterology 145 625 – 635 . ( doi:10

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Sergio Caja, Izaskun Martínez, María Abelenda, and Marisa Puerta

plasma, indicating some sort of regulation for resistin going to the central nervous system. In conclusion, resistin expression is enhanced in rat visceral fat, the placenta and the mammary gland during early pregnancy when no increase in fat mass