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Lidia I Serova, Heather A Harris, Shreekrishna Maharjan and Esther L Sabban

) , Matthews & Gustafsson (2003) and Harris (2007) ). ERβ is suggested to be crucially involved in regulating non-reproductive behaviors and brain development. Female ERβ knockout (KO) mice display increased anxiety and reduced cognitive function ( Krezel et

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Ichiro Kaneko, Rimpi K Saini, Kristin P Griffin, G Kerr Whitfield, Mark R Haussler and Peter W Jurutka

activator of endogenous tyrosine hydroxylase in neural progenitor cells derived from the adult brain . Development 126 4017 – 4026 . Shimada T Hasegawa H Yamazaki Y Muto T Hino R Takeuchi Y Fujita T Nakahara K Fukumoto S Yamashita T

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Marian Joëls

manifest in HPA axis disturbances when combined with multiple exposures to major life events, especially when these take place during development of the HPA axis or during brain development. Altered HPA-axis responsiveness has been described in relation to

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Stephen G Matthews and Patrick O McGowan

-7610.2010.02314.x Davis EP Sandman CA Buss C Wing DA Head K 2013 Fetal glucocorticoid exposure is associated with preadolescent brain development . Biological Psychiatry 74 647 – 655 . ( ) 23611262 10.1016/j

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Michele O Wilson, Bryony A McNeill, Graham K Barrell, Timothy C R Prickett and Eric A Espiner

D Hida B Guidone G Speth R Michurina T Enikolopov G Middendorff R 2009 Expression of guanylyl cyclase (GC)-A and GC-B during brain development: evidence for a role of GC-B in perinatal neurogenesis . Endocrinology 150

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James M Evans, Laura S Morris and Julian R Marchesi

-associated microbiota in the human colon . PLoS ONE 7 e32545 . ( doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0032545 ) Heijtz RD Wang S Anuar F Qian Y Björkholm B Samuelsson A Hibberd ML Forssberg H Pettersson S 2011 Normal gut microbiota modulates brain

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Jia Fang Wang and David J Hill

characterization of NDRG4/Bdm1 protein isoforms that differentially regulated during rat brain development . Developmental Brain Research 135 45 – 53 . Ohki T Hongo S Nakada N Maeda A Takeda M 2002 Inhibition of neurite outgrowth by reduced level

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S A Lanham, A L Fowden, C Roberts, C Cooper, R O C Oreffo and A J Forhead

). Deiodinase activity has not been measured in the bones of fetal sheep, although hypothyroidism has previously been shown to increase D2 activity in the cerebral cortex of the sheep fetus in order to preserve local production of T 3 important for normal brain

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F Raucci, S D’Aniello and M M Di Fiore

) as well as in the cerebrospinal fluid ( Fisher et al. 1994 ). In addition, d -Asp may participate in brain development, differentiation and functioning ( Hashimoto et al. 1993 , Hashimoto & Oka, 1997 , Imai et al. 1997 , Sakai et al. 1998

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Lydie Naulé, Marie Picot, Mariangela Martini, Caroline Parmentier, Hélène Hardin-Pouzet, Matthieu Keller, Isabelle Franceschini and Sakina Mhaouty-Kodja

reference doses, in the absence of endogenous E 2 , did not affect sexual brain development during the perinatal period. BPA may act, in particular at the TDI dose, during the postnatal/prepubertal period to increase the action of ovarian E 2 on the ERα